Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wayward Kickstarters - Mike Nysul's Infinite Dungeon - An Infinite Kickstarter

Nearly 2 years overdue, somehow I expect I will not be getting my $75 worth...

Today's update:
I am tackling my outstanding Kickstarters methodically so that i can get everything done. The first steps involve figuring out exactly what needs to get done and how to do it. Then I will set about working my way down the list until everything is done. I will also be going in the order the Kickstarters were presented so this one is first. 
The Book - originally this was going to be several smaller books with a map book, art book and so forth. When D3 took over it made more sense to move it to a standard book to make it easier to print. That means some of the re-usability I sold the project on would be lost so it seems like I should provide some maps.  
A note about D3 - We have been working on eliminating any obstacles to getting the books printed and out to you. 
Hardcover Books - We are looking at a few options including having a print on demand account set up that you can redeem for your copy or copies.  
Art Print, Miniatures and Key - I have the minis and have been waiting to include the other items so they can ship together so it's only one shipping cost. I will have to pick an art print. If we have more than one option I'll set up a way for you to choose which one gets printed. As far as the key goes, is this still what you want or would a piece of terrain, custom die or something make more sense at this point? 
Delve - I offered a standalone RPG. At one point this became Cairn which then became my second Kickstarter. That doesn't seem like fair trade so I will be providing Delve as a digital download.  
Once again - I apologize for not delivering sooner. Digging in and getting everything done without worrying about how massive the task seems as a whole is the only way to untangle this mess and untangle it I shall. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. 
Well, at least the "wandering wizard" has seemed to have settled down...


  1. yeah, that $25 pledge has been filed under the "shoulda just burned it" heading for a long time.

  2. At least he is not blaming others or making excuses. As the old saying goes - better late than never. And too many have been never.

    1. oh, the blaming others and excuses came earlier

      he actually tried to run an Indiegogo project to fund his Kickstarters that suffered from his misusing the funds to hire staff and rent an office but produced nothing

  3. Translation: After hiding from backers of my three failed projects long enough, I'm testing the waters to see if I can still get a job in the games industry that pays more than my Improvisational Comedy gig, so I have to at least look like I'm still interested in filling orders on this turkey.

    Prediction: You'll see this at about the same time R'lyeh rises out of the sea...

  4. Is this the same guy? He is trying to sell some gaming terrain in one of the FB groups I am in.

  5. In some respects I prefer it this way than the non-stop barrage of word heavy and content light emails I get from John Adams (Appendix N Kickstarter), promising little and delivering less.

  6. Too bad Jeff Dee's name is attached to this. Would hate to see him get burned by association.


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