Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Look at Print Copies of Adventures in the East Mark

Damn, it's purty :)

Yes, I got a sneak peek and it looks good.

Look at that. A Kickstarter that will deliver well.

You can get Adventures in the East Mark in PDF at RPGNow. Not sure when print copies will be available to the general public.


  1. Other than being nice to look at what does it offer old school veterans?
    I grabbed the Quickstart and it looks really nice.

    1. They have an Explorer class. But I really got it or the beautiful artwork.

    2. As I just posted on one of Erik's G+ posts about this:

      It's a very clean, concise, and flowing presentation of the comparable rules sitting halfway between what would nominally be equivalent to halfway between the Basic and Advanced classes. While the measurements are in metric and can easily be converted on the fly as needed, the unique content for the setting is very good. This slots in perfectly as a beautiful replacement for the classic Mentzer Red Box that is no longer in print.

      This also puts it in a very interesting position as it goes up against the new 5th Edition Starter Set in the coming months. WotC have moved themselves into a new paradigm in how they're trying to present D&D while East Mark is an re-representation of the classic game.

  2. I backed them, mostly because the idea of a European clone getting translated back into English appealed to me. I think it's a worthy alternative for people who liked BECMI and find the idea of a few more class options appealing. Helps that it looks great as well. Can't wait for my boxed set. :-)

  3. Red Box - BECMI derived rule set with nice art and customization
    Blue Box - Broad campaign setting with world areas reflective of different genres; lots of threads for Narrators to weave into their campaigns
    Green Box - Advance Rules with additional classes and more of everything
    Black Box - Epic level adventure campaign

    So, basically a nice, clean set of rules and a line with a fully realized setting to play in

  4. Sounds like the Green and Black boxes are the most interesting to me. Thanks!

  5. I pledged for this, because I thought it sounded amazing, and even put in a few extra bucks for the preview PDF of the blue box once they get that project running. I have the PDF version but haven't spent much time reading it because part of the whole allure of this for me was the boxed format and actual books.

    Of course, now this is dangerously close to the new D&D Starter set, which I've already got a group lined up to try...


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