Sunday, June 15, 2014

Games From the Basement - B1, B2 & B3

NTRPG Con got me thinking about the box of D&D goodness I purchased via Craig's List a few months ago. Many holes in my collection were filled with that box, as my limited budget in my early gaming days prevented me from buying all that I might have wanted.

I can truthfully say I've never run an adventure from the "B" series, although I have owned B2 for years and did play through it a bit while participating in early D&D Next Playtesting.

There is a whole lotta adventure in that slim booklet. It's one of those rare modules that says 'Levels 1-3" and actually means "we'll take you from level 1 to level 3 and maybe beyond".

Good stuff.

Alright, back to uncle duties. Father's Day festivities are at our house, so I'm stealing the moments i can ;)


  1. Other than the sample dungeon (which we called the pirate caves) in the Blue Book, B1 was the first adventure my brother and I ever played or ran.

  2. Only ever had the one that came free with the game...would love to see them all and maybe even play them.

  3. I picked up the B1-9 compilation on Ebay a while back. B2 definitely holds up to the test of time. The other B's are OK... some better than others. I haven't run most of the others. Unless you're an OCD completist, I'd evaluate which ones are worth tracking down.


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