Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Nystulian Sighting - This Time, an Axes & Anvils Update

It seems when Mike get's a spark, it spreads. What confuses me is, A&A was effectively completed, in PDF at least. +Andrew Shields was brought on by Mikey to do so. It was released to backers, then deemed "not worthy" by Mikey, apparently because it lost much of it's Nystulian identity.  The thing is, the torch for Nysul's Infinite Dungeon was passed on to "some other sucker of a company (I forget who right at the moment.) So, why is Mikey messing with something he already washed his hand of, unless it's just to obscure things with new "I'm working on it updates" when in reality, all he is doing is a casting a cheap, 1st level spell.
I am tackling my outstanding Kickstarters methodically so that i can get everything done. The first steps involve figuring out exactly what needs to get done and how to do it. Then I will set about working my way down the list until everything is done. I will also be going in the order the Kickstarters were presented so "Nystul's Infinite Dungeon" is first. I will be generating some material for each of the Kickstarters that will be shared with backers of all three. When I know what you will be getting from the Infinite Dungeon project. I will let you know. At the very least PDFs of some maps and an RPG called "Delve". 
I'll keep you all posted on my progress. 
Thanks as always for your patience and understanding. 
Upwards and onwards!


  1. Ditto on Cairn. Same message. Same promise of a fourth game product when we still haven't gotten any of the three we funded. Cairn was handed off to Souljar, who are just about finished with the manuscript last I read. (Still debating whether I want to pay the shipping on that when releases, or just wash my hands of a product that has such a bileful taste to it.)

  2. How do you finish something that's infinite?

  3. Speculation? Two ideas...first, he wants to work in the industry again and his name is absolute toxic sludge to any company wanting to hire him, or to customers should his name appear on a product. Maybe Improv Comedy doesn't pay enough to afford more than a sofa bed? Second, threat of a lawsuit. Maybe behind the scenes someone has contacted the Texas AG's office about possible prosecution, and they have contacted our favorite Wandering Wizard, who now has to at least act like he's going to put out a product.

  4. The oddest thing about adding that update to the Cairn Kickstarter is that Delve is the game that eventually became Cairn. Hrm. I just don't know.


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