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Complete Compiled Crowd-Sourced List of Patrons for Swords & Wizardry

Sweet! A nice, even list of 24 patrons. Well done!

Random prize winners of a $5 RPGNow GC are:

Brian Richmond for Fairfax the Wanderer

Porky for Bunzle Allbeard

My personal pick is:

+Joseph Bloch for the spirit of Hagar Trollbane and all of the adventures it may spawn :)

(edit - winners need to email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom)

The Complete Compiled Crowd-sourced List of Patrons for Swords & Wizardry

 1 - Vannell Sweetfritter. No visible means of support, but he connects buyers and sellers. A procurer. But he finds that hard to pronounce, so he calls himself a fixer.

Chris Blauwkamp
2 - Elisaveta 'No Nose' Becherovka. Local enforcer for the thieves' guild, able to give the PCs morally gray (or black) tasks.

Joseph Bloch
3 - The fountain at the corner of Tanner's Lane and Sickle Street. The face of the ram, which normally just spits water from its mouth, will suddenly speak to one of the PCs, promising riches in exchange for certain rare items to be placed in the fountain. It is the spirit of the famous adventurer Hagar Trollbane, trapped in the fountain by forces unknown. Once the proper items are placed in the fountain, his soul will be released to find peace. He will start off with missions to recover caches of treasure he left hidden in various places, to prove his sincerity. He only speaks to the PCs (or one of them, selected at random).

4 - Caltrop the Ratcatcher. One of those invisible public functionaries who's work takes them into the most unlikely & interesting places. A veritable mine of information on the nocturnal wanderings of the local Guilds of thieves & assassins, not to mention as a guide to the sewers & undercrofts of the city. A good source of rumour originating from servants of the local great houses & temples.

Brian Anderson
5 - Saul Bellows - A well traveled tinker/trader who took a shining to you when you were a kid, and would always give you a story of far off lands and a treat/present in his infrequent visits to your village.

Rev. Dr. Dale
6 - Mr. Winthrop is most certainly NOT an assassin. He may be a bit well spoken, drink wine instead of beer, and speak far too properly to hang around in a dumpy tavern like the Bishop's Arse, but he is most definitely not currently nor was he ever a hired killer. Some of the older gents at the bar tip their hat, and the waitresses appreciate his polite demeanor (and generous tips) and he doesn't take kindly to ruffians. Of course sometimes he might buy someone a drink, and it would only be polite to go speak with Mr. Winthrop. Sooner rather than later, I'd think. Rumor has it that in addition to having never taken a payed contract to end the life of someone with scads of enemies, he occasionally has small favors to ask and errands to run. Nice chap - and such a well groomed mustache.

7 - Ertin Harfrane runs the local Bluegill Tavern and seems to have a knack for knowing everyone. Rumor has it that he is just a front man for the Red Myst (some sort of self-righteous thief guild or some nonsense) or may have worked as a porter for the legendary Order of the Phoenix. Heck there are all sorts of rumors about Good Old Ertin. Whatever the rumors, he serves a fine pint and there ain't never any brawls in his fine establishment (even if it is in a shady part of town). Truth be told, I think he may have a bit of elf blood in him, because sometimes he just don't make no sense, ya?

8 - Auntie Ysbeth is a rather large, rather jolly lady who runs the local ... erm ... Home for Ladies That Don't Have Anything To Do But Sure Enjoy Gentleman Caller. She tends to know quite a bit about the extra curricular habits of some rather fancy-pants nob types in town. If they would just lower her taxes, she might not have so much to chatter about...

9 - Lord Edgewater Perrybottom, of minor nobility, but endlessly involved with all manner of political intrigue, strange debts owed to wizards, and the unceasing need to understand what it is, exactly, that makes dragons do what they do. Not so smart, but lots of money. His father (Duke Cinbrittle Perrybottom) HATES adventurers (and is none too keen on elves and dwarfs anyway). His mum always has the kitchen staff make nice round tea and biscuits when "Edgey's Friends" come for a visit.

10 - Ken the Wolf is a skinny old guy who sits around on fallen logs on the edge of town wearing a ratty old wolf skin (I killt it meself befre ta war) generally harassing folks for handouts (bit of bread; scrap of drink?). He is quite full of stories if someone would just take the time to listen. Some of them might even be true - especially the ones about the Ruins. Ken gets quite serious and tends to whisper those stories. "Tw'er a night like this, lads, dat the beasts did roam. Watch yer sitters, fellas, or the beast might givya da nip!

11 - Fritz Brogan. Dwarven commander of the city guards. Keeps a lid on major crimes, but has been chasing the infamous Earl "Snake" Baren for at least two tears. Fritz has personally commissioned wanted posters with a drawing of Baren's face and has posted them all over town.

**Wanted Dead or Alive for Murder. Earl "Snake" Baren. Known murderer of at least two city guards. Considered extremely vicious and dangerous. A small, thin, somewhat greasy human standing but five foot one with black hair and brown eyes. Bears marks of the Pox upon his face. Has vowed to never again see the inside of the gaol.**

12 - Hugo, a pimp of flamboyant dress and manners, knows all sorts of interesting rumors that he can impart to the PCs, all the while attempting to get the PCs to purchase his wares. He also has his hand in the local black market, and can get things that are hard to acquire otherwise. He might have an anonymous client from time to time, looking for a group to do something shady. All transactions go through Hugo; the client remains anonymous. The PCs may also be the clients from time to time. Finally, Hugo is able to sell stolen goods through a fence known to him, but both he and the fence take a cut, and no, Hugo will not reveal the fence's name. The girls who work for him call him Huggy.

Tim Shorts
13 - Dogeral Mansplitter, mercenary, he wears battered armor and a bent shield with runes etches onto the edge. He drinks from a hollowed, giant boar tusk that he carries with him. He's known to get better at fighting the more he drinks. Rumor has it that he's got a price on his head because he killed four guards during a drunken rage.

14 Bunzle Allbeard, an unusually hirsute reactionary puppeteer. Found in a burrow, raised by a mime troupe. Longs for the deep, dank places, and the old ways, but loves an audience. Very adept at misdirection - his thing goes unnoticed...

Brian Anderson
15 - You've had drinks for years with Torrim at your favorite tavern in town. Always happy to buy another round and talk of local news, but never about his own past or occasional disappearances, but happy to hear of your own plans for adventure and riches. One late night a foreign merchant approaches you after Torrim leaves from a long evening of drinking and tales, and asks if you really know the Dragonsbane? Suddenly you realize your drinking buddy is the famous Torrim Dragonsbane. Killer of a dragon and captain of the siege of Grunwald, and was rumored many years ago to be the paramour of the Queen of the neighboring kingdom. Surely Torrim couldn't have been hiding all this for years?

16 - Link is an in-between man whose sole passion in life is to connect you with someone who needs your abilities. Link’s job is to know you and know what you do for a living, what kind of things you’re good at. If you have been in town any decent length of time, Link will find a way to get to know you (he can do it himself, or he has others who work for him). Sometimes Link will wait a few days to get to know you; sometimes he’ll wait a week or more. It depends on the vibe he gets as he’s scoping you out those first few days.

Sometimes a party enters town looking for someone with specific talents and abilities. Link can be sought out instead of seeking you out, but you have to ask right (the right people in the right manner).

Also, Link’s services aren’t free. He has a business to maintain and a family to feed….

17 - Name: Scabs
Profession: Barber (and sometimes a dentist or surgeon)
Hook: Scabs is sort of an odd fixture. A balding man with grey and brown hair, missing one front tooth and handle bar mustache. You can’t always find his shop, despite it being in a brick building but when it does show up you know you've found the place when you see the red, white and blue barber pole that endlessly (and perhaps magically) rotates. The shop is well kept as Scabs employs a young waif name Willy who cleans up and acts a crier shouting out, “Shave and Haircut 2-Bits” when Scabs shows up. On the wall is a set of golden scissors. Scabs simply say, “It was a gift from me dear old Grandfather.” Could there be more to these scissors – is that blood on the blade that wasn't there last time? Regardless, the Barber Shop It’s a great place to catch up on local gossip, rumors and quick game of chess. Or perhaps get some help with a wound, disease or toothache. Rumor has it he has a high stakes card game that takes place once a month in the backroom. Mr. Winthrop is a regular patron for a weekly mustache grooming.

Paul Uhde
18 - Nackel "Knack" Tharad - A man of middle years and burgeoning stomach, he loves the good life, typically revolving around great food and good ale, or good food and great ale. He's made a bit of a reputation as someone who "knows things." He always knows who needs something stolen, or something found, ofttimes when something needs to go missing. If you're looking for something, he knows where to find it. He'll know when the guard patrols are going to change their routes. His "knack" for knowing things is uncanny.

Simon J. Hogwood
19- Sir Kent of the Heights - a knight and member of the city's elite, he is nonetheless quite friendly and egalitarian. He is also passionately interested in the pre-humanoid origins of the city, and suspects that the original builders are, in some fashion, still around and influencing events. PCs will routinely informed as to his latest findings, and will occasionally be employed to help Sir Kent seek out The Truth, whether it's in the private papers of the Chief Magistrate or a long-forgotten series of chambers buried under the local stables.

Stuart K.
20 - Cloritz is a potioneer renowned for both the efficacy of his potions as well as his absolute paranoia. Convinced his staff was stealing, he developed a bond with Ossus (keeper of bones) to animate skeletons for hire. Not only does he not have to pay them, they can't drink his potions or smuggle them out (where are they going to put them, their ribcages?) . Ossus, of course, demands sacrifices of rare bones, and if those aren't met Cloritz' potions begin to have...untoward effects. Good introduction to a patron, good plot hook (Ossus demanded a fresh lion skull! I'll pay you a lot of money for this! My reputation depends on it!" or "Yeah, that potion caused bony horns to grow out of your head, shoulders, knees and elbows. I'm uh a little behind in my tributes. I'm sure we can clear this up if you help me out a little."), nice way for potions to go horribly awry.

Brian Richmond
21 - Sheriff Montage, Leader of "the People". Montage is an every man looking sort with all the qualities you'd want in a leader, he looks like he can carry a blade, wear armor, lead men, and inspire a state; though his actual skill in all these things have never been properly tested. Montage was appointed Shire-Reeve of a small fief known for its banditry and criminal population, and has through some foul mean curbed their behavior. Montage expounds heavily about his faith, though never in great detail, and often offers to "re-educate" individuals who he finds lacking. He is a skilled speaker, though he comes across as stern and disappointed. He has angry and tired eyes, a worn scowl on his square jaw, and he doesn't seem to care much for non-humans. Montage knows people in power, and he can easily spread influence through his fief and some minor criminal groups who fear him .

22 - Fairfax the Wanderer. Fairfax is a short skinny being, confused for a halfling on more than one occasion, who rides atop Baubus a black pony he's painted up with bright patterns to match his monk's garb. Fairfax has a prickly, almost pubic, red beard and he seems to be in an almost perpetual state of positive emotion. If he's met on the road, he'll gladly cook a meal on the condition that he be allowed to illuminate the other wayfarer in his "Book of Wanderings". The only thing that will cause Fairfax to become outright violent (and thus allow him to show off his exceptional skill as a crossbowman) is when he sees poor behavior on the road. He'd just as soon slay a bandit as he would a knight, it all depends on the etiquette and who was unpleasant first. An apology accepted by both parties can calm him. Fairfax has been most places in-land (he dislikes boats because his pony dislikes boats) and he can carry messages or give information on those who travel roads.

23 - Entomidius, Physician and Scholar. Entomidius is a very old man of exceptional height and long spindly digits. His beard is perhaps the least rigid thing upon him as it is a large flowing heap of white looping locks which he must flip over his shoulder when he writes lest he get ink in it. Entomidius is fascinated by monsters and demi-humans, often paying large sums of money for their corpses and remains which he studies and writes about in his ongoing (currently 97 volumes worth of) research. Entomidius not only enjoys his writing his theories, as he is also very talented healer; though he dislikes healing due to the pressure of bringing back someone who may go on to perform something he wouldn't approve of. Entomidius will perform major surgeries and healing acts upon dear friends or those he believes will further causes he approves of (such as education, literacy, medical advancement, feeding the poor), but even then he is a nervous wreck. He enjoys building ships in bottles.

Henry Wong
24 - Wolbur Woodbottle is a plain seeming halfling wearing a dusty mottled leather jerkin stretching over a rotund torso and has a large short sword sheathed at his belt, all which looks as if they're well acquainted with use. The craggy self-employed caravan owner has the disposition of dwarf and the thirst for ale and spirits to match. Overall he gives the impression of an honest bloke, though not above bending the rules so the "little guy" can compete against the big companies. On the road he needs capable guards for his wagons, people who can serve as forward scouts or outriders to head off any trouble or outflank any raiders. In town, he needs agents for assorted business, but he'll test the party out on the roads first before letting them know too much about his operation.

Rev. Dr. Dale

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