Friday, October 11, 2013

New Swords & Wizardry Campaign Kicks of in 24 Hrs

Tomorrow night, around 930 PM, we'll be kicking off the new Swords & Wizardry Campaign via Roll20 / Google Hangouts. +Joe D will be alternating sessions with me, running LotFP Weird Fantasy on his end.

I'm leaving the direction of the campaign in the hands of the PCs. We'll be starting out in the Southern Reaches of the Wilderlands with a pretty full blown sandbox after the first adventure ( +Harley Stroh 's Tower of the Black Pearl).

Depending on how things play out, I can see this progressing to The Razor Coast around level 6, if the players steer things in that direction. The joy (and horror) of a true sandbox is trying to stay one step ahead of the players ;)

I'll be announcing the winners of the patrons and rumors crowd-sourcing tomorrow. Too much microbrew in my system to even attempt to get that straight tonight ;)


  1. Sry about the the double post lol

    GO AT&T!

  2. Good stuff - I've just been printing out some One Page Dungeon contest entries for my own Wilderlands sandbox. I find they're perfect to use as lairs, ruins etc with minimal prep.

  3. spoiler!

    (sort of)

    with FULL 'it's your job now, kids' ending?


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