Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Southern Reaches of the Wilderlands of High Adventure

I forgot about this map (only 1/4 is pictured above). This was commissioned by James Mishler's Adventure Games Publishing, and the cartographer was Peter Bradley (he works almost exclusively for Troll Lord Games).

It is an amazing map. Regretfully, I don't believe the companion booklet was ever published for this, tho bits and pieces of the setting was released by AGP and is available from the Judges Guild Page over at OneBookShelf, as is the above map.

Hmmm, I wonder if we could crowd-source a community driven detailing of the setting? It would allow this amazing map to actually live.

There are over 1300 hexes if I did my math right (at 5 miles per hex). Detailing 25% of the hexes at one per day would make this a year long project for one person. Would be interesting either way. Damn the lack of free time...


  1. I was always disappointed that the C&C version of the Wilderlands setting was never released in full as a unified reference. Mishler's work was high quality, but released in a small set of incomplete products, so it never seemed worth trying to fill in all the details to play it. I feel like giving this setting the full Kickstarter treatment would be a better investment of Troll Lord Games resources than some of the other stuff they've done.

    1. Agreed - penny packets can work as supplements to a big core text, but not so well when they're all there is.
      Might have been better done with Swords & Wizardry than C&C though; C&C has less appeal to people who don't use the system.

  2. I soooo wish that James had had the energy/funding/etc. needed to make this line work. All of his C&C Wilderlands work was above average, and that map in particular is simply awesome.

    While Troll Lord Games wasn't directly involved in the production of these products, I agree that it would have been to their benefit to see it work. Indeed, I think it still would be to their benefit if they could come to terms with the parties involved...

  3. It worked for Hexenbracken.

  4. Maybe I'm not understanding you here. Even if the original treatment in Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches was too sketchy for modern tastes, were the 13 pages devoted to this region (maybe as many as 14,000 words) in the Wilderlands box not enough? Or are you suggesting that people throw away the JG/Necromancer write-ups and just start fresh from the map? (Not a bad goal!)


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