Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Awesome Loot From my 3x Era of Non-Gaming

It occurred to me, as i has going through the list of Goodman Games 3x adventures with 1e feel, that I never really played during the 3x era. Instead, I collected and I read.

I have a shitload of 3x WtC sourcebooks - for shit I never played or had any real opportunity to play. My one 3e gaming experience (excluding DDO) was a combat playtest using the Klooge VTT. I did a lot of spending on 3x for a system I never played ;)

My prized possessions though are as follows:

The Necromancer Games release of The Wilderlands -  I love that boxed set, even if I may never get a chance to run it. We are pretty set on using the Southland from Points of Light, but the only thing that could change that is a vote for the Wilderlands.

Goodman Games' Castle Whiterock. An excellent megadungeon - I think I burned out my gaming group with Rappan Athuk ;)

Goodman Games' Gazetteer of the Known World - Maybe more then I actually need for a settng, but nearly on par with the Wilderlands as settings go.

Swords & Wizardry Whitebox Boxed Set - I found his as I as finding the OSR. Bought two copies. Gave one away to my to the winner of a round robin AD&D combat scenario with my old (high school and college) gaming group.

And of course boxes of assorted 3x stuff in storage...


  1. I still run 3.5 games to this day, so my collection's not all in storage. That said, not that much of it is seeing use. I run using the four core books (3 core + psionics), and the only things I go for from my 3.x collection is monster books and occasionally I grab one of the spell books to throw a curve-ball at the wizard.

  2. You know, a lot of people found it dull or uninspiring, but my favorite thing to come out of the 3.X edition was Eberron.I ran so many film noir themed games set in the city of towers that it wasn't funny.

    I really should dig those books out and finish converting everything over to Blueholme...

  3. Did you ever get a chance to read any of the Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms stuff? It was absolutely fantastic.

  4. I played a lot of d20 Modern but not so much fantasy. I purchased the D&D core rulebooks but that was about it. My group had largely shifted over to VtM and Star Wars WEG during the d20 heyday and we already had 2e and red box so there was no point learning a whole new system for fantasy.


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