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Crowd-sourcing Campaign Creation - Looking for Rumors, Big & Small

Similar to last night's request to crowd-source some patrons and connections for the PCs in my new campaign, tonight I'm looking for some rumors. All you need to know is it's for standard fantasy type setting (at least prior to the rumors and deciding which are true and which aren't ;)

I'll leave this post open for comments until 6PM Eastern on Oct 10th. One random entry and one entry that I pick as the best / most entertaining / wozza will get a $5 GC to RPGNow. Yep, that's 10 bucks up for grabs.

I may do something similar tomorrow night, so keep your eyes open ;)

I'm hoping for at least a dozen entries. If we get 20 or more, I'll add another $5 random prize.

After all is said and done, I'll make a nice random list out of the entries and post it on the blog.

So, get at it (and add an entry or two to the patron list while you are at it too)


  1. I've heard a well on the outskirts of town was suddenly full of worms instead of water.

  2. The blacksmith has a dragon held captive, firing his forge!

    It's not held captive, it's his wife!

    There is a portal to the elemental plane of gold under the temple!

    No, it's a portal to the abyss, and the priests are biding their time before they unleash a horde of demons upon us!

    The captain of the guard sneaks out at night, sacrifices goats to the elder gods!

    No, he just has his way with them...

    There is a devil in disguise running the banking guild in the next fortified city.

    He's not a devil! He's an insect man from across the desert.

    A great artifact was lost in the swamps just outside town!

    It was, but it's powerful cursed, and the place is haunted now.

  3. "The elves speak fearfully of a sword made of moonlight which is said to have fallen into the nearby bog. They'd rather none of us went to get it, but they're not willing to get it themselves either. Typical elfen nonsense. "

    "An order of pugilists have formed in town, fighting in back alleys and basement pits. Their leaders wear ostentatious furred hats. The combat makes one feel exceptionally alive, though they cause great harm to any non-initiate who speaks of them. "

    "The Daggerback Gang was run out of their outpost by what they claimed was an owl-headed demon. They deny it being an owlbear, so whatever it was it must've been frightful to chase off a whole gang of bandits."

    "Youths around town have been seeing a strange entity they call the Stirge-Beast; they say it lingers near the old bridge and the graveyard. Its glare makes you feel like an infant that's been thrown in a freezing lake. "

    "The Baron's got a gigantic white crocodile he feeds prisoners to. He's always been prone to arrogance, so he fancies it a dragon and calls himself the Master of Wyrms. Don't tell him otherwise, he's the sort who'd arrest you for that. And then you'd be a prisoner. See where this going?"

    "The Whispering Mage was spotted wandering the wrecker coast of the sea again. Of course now we're not sure if he's risen from the grave or just back from some terrible expedition for the first time in years. Whatever the case, he's screaming now that people need to stay away from him. Some of the boys round here think that old coot is looking for buried treasure on the coast, all for himself. Wizards are a greedy, foul, awkward lot."

  4. Monsters have real sweet tooths and on the upcoming Extortion Night festival, they will be going house to house begging for treats. If they aren't happy with what they get, you won't like what happens next...

  5. Thirty years ago an old gnomish alchemist came to town hawking his wares. Old Jenkins remembers him. Long yellow beard, head bald as an apple. Anyway, there was something about the potions and ointments he sold; they all seemed extra strength, like they were juiced up somehow. He did a brisk trade out of his wagon, making a fair bit of coin but fairly - folks were happy enough with his wares. So when the time came for him to move on to Timberton, there was a party for him in the Inn, he being well-liked around here. He left with his pair of big dogs pulling that wagon of his - had a fancy tarp of green and gold, it did - out the causeway through the swamp. Funny thing is, he never made it to Timberton. Never was heard from again, in fact. Could use one of his _potions of vitality_ about now, I could. *cough*

  6. The Overlook hotel? It's haunted. Every death that occurs there, either through gambling, guild hits or other vices, has doomed those souls to that roadside inn. Legends speak of foul rat creatures burrowing under it, thirsting for some foul green mineral that turns men into monsters.

  7. Don't go into the Devil's Throat caves. It's not so much that people don't come back. But the people who come back... well, they don't concentrate so good. And they never get bored again. How odd is that?

  8. All elder trees are related (individually) to magically attuned individuals--magic users, wizards, shamans, power doctors, clairvoyants, etc. Taking from an elder tree without the approriate obesiance or rituals is A Very Bad Thing.

  9. There was a once good-natured ruler, known as the Chuckling King, who defeated an invasion on the eve of the final siege with gifts he offered in tribute to placate his enemies. Tales vary of the ills that befell the would-be conquerors, but suffice to say, their afflicted houses expired from the annuls of history within a generation in wasting whimpers and the sighs of ignoble death.

    Yet the damage had been done. With lands in ruin and treasury bare, the king faced assassination and sedition within his own dissatisfied domain and ambitious household. Then in peace offerings the King’s Gifts began to flow from their warded vault and decimated the ranks of the rebellious but unwary nobles. The last of the gentry finally discovered the king’s use of foul magic. They cornered him, by now called the Cackling King, at the fortress of his third queen and only with sacrifice and ancestral steel did they rendered apart his sorcery-infused flesh.

    As for the gifts, the executioners gathered them up and piled upon them much more, for any coin or bauble suspected of association with the king laid to reside among the gifts within the warded vault. Though guarded for a time, kingdoms wither and peoples die. The treasures remain in their vault, now long abandoned and half-forgotten. Everyone knows the location, or thinks they do, but who would want the Accursed Gifts of the Cackling King.

  10. Tenkar the Butcher deals in more than just edible meat.
    Apparently if you want need some... human parts for an experiment, he's your man!

  11. Also, don't eat the sausages from Tenkar's!

  12. There is something at the bottom of those dark waters. You can hear whispers in the lake mist and see forms form at night. They look like they're trying to make to the edge of the lake, but vanish before they ever reach the shore. I'm telling you there's a some sort of gateway to hell at the bottom of that lake. Ever why people never catch any fish there? Why ducks don't swim there? You can't even find a bug near those waters. I never believed it, thought it was old tales told to scare children, but I drank the water. Tasted like sulfer and I could hear their screams. All of them. Those whispers in the mist are their screams bubbling up from hell. Just stay away from there, the devil will collect you soon enough.

  13. Keep yer eyes on them crows. They be keepin their eyes on you.

    The old nursemaid has seen a lot of children die over the years. Too many for it to be natural.

    They say the lord's son died when his horse threw him, but my brother's friend said his hunting dogs tore him apart.

    The crazy old hedge wizard isn't so crazy. He's an arch-mage and keeps a comfortable palace hidden in a walnut. He's hiding from something he summoned up years ago, something he couldn't get rid of.

    They say it was Sir Charles who saved the town 30 years ago, but it wasn't. It was the rats. That's why cats are forbidden.

    There's a dragon corpse buried under Butcher's Hill.

  14. Scabs the Barber is the Grandfather Assassin

    In the basement of Tenkar's Tavern, I hear there's a special Keg gifted to him from an Angel. No not one of Hugo's Angels, this was a a real one, with wings and eyes on the wings and things. I says I hears there is, I aint seen it and And No I've not touched the Black Lotus in a fortnight.

    The famous adventurer Hagar Trollbane was last seen discussing terms of service with Caltrop the Ratcatcher. Something about a sewer guide and a water elemental, I don't remember I was drunk.

    You know that mercenary, the one with the bent shield and drinking horn, Dogeral Mansplitter, Yar. The more I look at him the more he reminds of that wanted poster of that, killer chap, what's his name? Yeah Earl "Snake" Baren. You think their the same guy?

    Auntie Ysbeth and Hugo the Pimp are in a turf war. I hear they're both lookin for some help to run other out of business.

    Why's that Mr. Winthrop always watching Lord Perrybottom? I swears I seen him doing it on 3 occasions. It was like he was studying his every move or something. Even takin notes he was...

  15. They say that, in one of the taverns in the city, there's a map of [local dungeon] carved into one of the tabletops showing the way to a secret treasure hoard.

    Others say the map is in two parts, in two different taverns. And the owners aren't fond of each other . . .

    Which taverns? Well, that's the part nobody can agree on. But I'll let you in on a little something - look under the tablecloth.

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