Monday, October 7, 2013

Multipurpose Postings - Working on Prepping for the New Camapign

I've got a short time frame to get ready for next Saturday's game and little free time to get that done in.

As I've mentioned prior, the overtime spigot at work opened up in July, and as long as it's flowing I can't turn it down, as nothing lasts forever. It has put a few things on hold, both around the house (painting, wallpapering, bathroom renovations, putting in new floors) and hobby related (Unofficial OSR Zine, I'm talking about you). It has also slowed down my posting.

Believe it or not, I do most of my blog writing commuting to and from work (often with one RPG podcast or another playing in the background) and lying in bed trying to sleep (the whole Luck Houserule from Sunday's post came to be as I lay in bed after the Hangout with the group). Well, technically NOT actual writing, but the brainstorming. The actually putting words on screen is pretty quick when the thinking is already done.

The problem is, although I have my setting (Southland from the excellent Points of Light Volume 1), I still need to decide on a suitable starting adventure (prewritten or quickly written by me) and seeds for the further adventures (I am thinking of yoking them for a Halloween fright night ala the old Ravenloft gag - "Beware the mists!"). I want to hit the ground running, because if the start of your campaign falls flat, it's hard to recover (much like a Kickstarter)

This means much of my brainstorming is going to be going towards campaign creation, which in turn will lead much of my postings over the next week or so to be about the process. This may wind up being really cool series of posts or a steaming pile of shit. I guess we won't know until we get there.

Interestingly enough, i just started reading The Lazy Dungeon Master by Michael Shea and there are some ideas I's like to incorporate into the process. Why am i reading it? Because of the new Kindle Paperwhite I have, and the fact that this book comes in mobi format. Figure a review will be forthcoming shortly.

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