Monday, October 7, 2013

Compiling a List of Low Level Adventures - Part 1 - Goodman Games

I plan to seed a nice amount of published adventures throughout the Southlands (it is, after all, a sandbox campaign), and the first publisher I looked at was Goodman Games.

Admittedly, most of what I have in PDF (and on CD for the first 8 adventures) or print is for D20 / 3x. Still, they are old school in feel and easy enough to strip of their 3x'isms.

Regretfully, my boxed set of the Known Realms is sitting in storage, but I may just break that out of the Southlands get to small for the party (or just move them on to Blackmarsh, who knows). My boxed set of DCC 51, Castle Whiterock, is sitting under my desk. I don't see my players looking to spend that much time in one dungeon at this point.

So, I went through Goodman's RPGNow listings and found the low level adventures, most of which I have (and will need to skim to see which ones are applicable). I'll gladly take any feedback or thoughts you might have. Next, I'll go through he three volumes of adventures in hardback from Expeditious Retreat Press and find their low level gems (as they use OSRIC, conversion to S&W is even easier).

0 - Legends Are Made, Not Born - Level 0-1

1 - Idyllis of the Rat King - Levels 1-3

2 - The Vault of Tsather Rho - Level 1

11 - The Dragonfiend Pact - Level 2

14 - Dungeoo=n Interludes - Levels 1-13

24 - Legend of the Ripper - Levels 1-3

28 - Into the Wilds - Levels 1-3

29 - The Adventure Begins - 20 adventures in the 103 range. A fucking steal at 20 bucks

31 - The Transmuter's Last Touch - Levels 1-2

41 - The Lost Arrows of Aristemis - Levels 1-3

44 - Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar - Levels 1-3

45 - Malice of the Medusa - Levels 1-3

51.5 - The Sinister Secret of Whiterock - Levels 1-3

A large selection to pick through, I know, but I value the input of my readers. I am looking for the cream of the crop (and saying "Just use +Harley Stroh 's stuff" might be valid, but I've already used it, so you need a different reason ;)


  1. No, seriously.

    Just use Harley Stroh's stuff.

  2. I've used a half dozen or so adventures from The Adventure Begins collection and they are pretty good. Some are very campaign specific, and about half are a little hit or miss in my opinion, but at least a half dozen are pretty decent to kick off a campaign. And I'll echo Dyson's comment: the first adventure by Harley Stroh in the book is worth playing if you are set anywhere near a coastal area.

    The ones I have used are:
    Tower of the Black Pearl
    Well of the Worm
    The Stench of Death
    Beast of Barren Hill
    The Black Larder
    The Crystal Shrine

    1. no coast - do have a smallish lake, but no tides - will require hacking

    2. You could set it in the middle of lake...and without giving anything away, the Tower of the Black Pearl has a really cool further adventure hook built into it that you can either use or not use, depending on what happens if you decide to run the adventure.

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  4. From their 2012 Free RPG day: Jeweler That Dealt In Stardust... by Harley Stroh.
    I actually just wrote about it today: http://towerofthearchmage.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-dcc-free-rpg-day-2012.html

  5. "The Treasure of Welthorp" is effectively system-free. It's all RP, unless you specifically *have* to have a fight in there.

  6. You might like to look at Goodman's 4e adventures also; IME they were generally of much higher quality than the 3e stuff (Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar was really bad IMO - complete lack of description/atmosphere and a whole bunch of '1 Duergar' typer encounters to fit with the 3e CR/EL system). The 4e adventures tend to have larger groups of opponents, which works much better with old school D&D. I'd recommend Forges of the Mountain King (use as a ruined Bolzak dwarf hold), Sellswords of Punjar (might not fit in Southland, which lacks a large city), Mists of Madness (set the cult in the north-central swamps near Castle Westguard) and Dragora's Dungeon - the underground ape city can be set below any isolated part of the Southland.

    1. Dragora's Dungeon might work excellently if you replace the Drow in Southland with the Zain-Kin man-apes from that module; IMO a much more interesting and less overdone opponent. The Zain-Kin city would then lie below the rift south of the Sunset Rim.


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