Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Contest Time: Name a Crazy Magic Item and You May Win a Copy of Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana Volume 1

We got ourselves a little contest here, with 3 copies of Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana Volume 1 in PDF up for grabs (there are also be 3 copies of Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana Volume 2 up for grabs at the contest over at TheCrazyGM Blog - Volume 2 released earlier today).

What you have to do is simple:

Name a magic item.

No description, no powers - simply a name.

The crazier the name the better.

I'll pick the top 3 entries (the ones that speak to my creative juices) to get a free copy of MM&MA Vol 1 and I'll stat the winning entries here on the blog and probably put them into one of the early issues of the Copper Droppings Fanzine (working on it as we speak - sorta).

The contest will run till about 8 PM Thursday night (May 30th).

If the writer of a winning entry is also a 2000 Coppers Community Member of the G+ side, I'll credit their RPGNow account with sufficient funds to grab a copy of Volume 2, too ;)


  1. The Rude Finger of Glaxnos
    Vecna's Chattering Teeth
    Scroll of protection from cat fur
    Ring of hydra control (not the big reptilian ones, the microscopic multi-celled organisms)
    Dice of destiny
    Dice of doom
    Malachi's crunching chariot
    Breakfast cereal of strength
    Forgotten Dagger
    The salty harvester
    Oona's Oustanding Oculars
    The loud device
    The hole in memory
    That which has no name
    The Ring Boundless
    The Peaceful Blade
    The golden/silver/copper/plaster frog
    Gem of generosity
    The Gleeful Tear
    Grapes of Sorrow
    Filthy egg
    Dollhouse of wonder
    Walking-stick of walking
    Rainbow standard
    The chocolate moose
    Boots of tickling
    Chantalpane of dross

    Sorry to spew 'em out like that. I was on a roll.

  2. No rules about number of entries per person? :D

    1. nope, no rule on number of entries.

      each commenter can only win once

      yadda yadda ;)

  3. The Rune of Ruin
    Tartuff's Toupee
    Wand of Pointing
    Lenses of Winking

  4. Oscillating Protuberance Magnifier.

  5. Illuminated Touch of Mandibria.

  6. Arch-Bishop's Tankard
    83 Leaf Clover
    +3 Dwarven Beard and Nose-hair Trimmer of Volumification
    Ogre Boots of Foul Smelling Fungal Excretion
    Dread Rabbit's Foot

  7. These are real items in my T&T game:
    * The cape of shiny sequins
    * The white chopsticks and porcelain bowl
    * The cow bell
    * The truffle pig
    * The giant's tooth
    * The Varcolac's frost-encrusted, black-tentacled heart

  8. By "real", I mean "imaginary", of course.

  9. Abelard's Magnificent Traveling Pants
    The Baleful Purse
    The Imaginative Gateway
    Apocalyptic Prune Juice
    Feather Duster of Slaughter
    Apoplectic Coin
    Garvin's Sarcastic Book
    Portable Egress
    Devouring Mirror
    Plaintive Flute
    Taxidermied Pseudo-Dragon
    Punch's Amazing Puppet Theatre
    Bottled Voice

  10. Frank's mythical solution
    The Stabbing Mace
    Burgulcut's Belt of Basic Badassery
    Vecna's Vegimite
    The Doom Pointer

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The Endless Maul
    The Heart of Joy
    The Syphon Hand
    The Point of Light
    The Ghoul King's Crown
    The Thunder Robe
    The Silent Snake
    The Rat God Mask
    The Helm of Honour

  13. How about a few of a Caledonian bent...?

    The Stone of Dentistry
    (an American friend of mine mis-heard Stone of Destiny when she was first told about it - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_of_Scone - and had images of Scottish kings being guarded by hulking great warriors with perfect teeth!!!)

    The Haggis of Corpulent Doom

    The Bonnie Prince's Creepy Stool (http://carmichaelwatson.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/creepy-stool.html)

    The Military Tattoo

  14. The Annulet of Lesser Stegosaurus Breathing

  15. The Completely Ordinary, Absolutely Nothing Magical About It, Seriously, Trust Me On This One Guys, Plain Sugar Cube. Of Doom.

  16. Satchel of the Infallible Weasel
    Immovable Marble
    Blindfold of the Miser
    Cape of Grandeur
    Goldfish of Inspiration
    The Edible Mountain
    Portable Beach
    St. Foldrin's Beard

    1. Have to admit 'Portable beach' is one of my faves so far!!!!

  17. The Scratching Post of Inevitable Satisfaction

    I only got one.

    Okay one more.

    Erik's Tankard of Backwash

  18. cursed codpiece of passive-aggressiveness
    meditating liqueur of deep thoughts
    alchemist's salt of potioniation

  19. contest closed - let me sort through all of this goodness :)


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