Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pouch of Useless Items (Swords & Wizardry Magic Item)

Pouch of Useless Items

The Pouch of Useless Items appears to be a normal belt pouch of rather largish size until one reaches inside. No matter what one intends to find, a random item from the following list is what is found. The extra dimensional space in the pouch can hold up to 25 pounds that it's owner places within (the pouch always weighs 1 pound) - it's removing what one wants that is the question.

1 - spool of thread, white

2 - bent copper piece

3 - fishing pole without a line or hook

4 - large padlock (no key)

5 - glass gem (value 1sp)

6 - half eaten trail biscuit

7 - leaky waterskin (1 qt)

8 - dead rat, slightly putrid

9 - deck of 49 playing cards (random missing cards from the full 52)

10 - 5' of rope

11 - small knife, bronze, dull (Damage 1-2)

12 - random item placed in pouch previously - otherwise slice of apple pie, crushed and w/o plate or utensils (messy but still tasty)

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