Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Winners of the "Name a Crazy Magic Item Contest" Are...

The votes are in.

Can we have a drumroll please!

Alright, the winning entries are:


The Portable Beach

and tied for third place are:

Oscillating Protuberance Magnifier


Burgulcut's Belt of Basic Badassery

yes, awarding an extra prize for the third place tie ;)

The winning random commenter is:

+Brett Slocum 

I'm away for the weekend, so give me a day or two to get those prizes out to ya.

In the meantime, the winners should email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom so I can get those prizes out promptly when i settle in back home.

Thanks to all that submitted - that's one hell of a lot of weird magic to spark the imagination ;)

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