Sunday, May 26, 2013

Building a Better Bard - A Re-Imagining IV - We Can Make You Better

The AD&D 1e version of the bard needs 2 rounds to warm up with his poetry before it takes effect, and it gives a 10% moral bonus and + 1 to the to hit roll of friendly characters.

I like that built in 2 round delay, and I would rule that those two rounds must be combat rounds, not waiting for 2 rounds as the fighter gets ready to burst through the door to the next room.

The bard can fight, but can't use any of his songs or spells while inspiring courage and ferocity for those 2 rounds, and then it lasts for one round per level (AD&D 1e calls for a full turn, but that's for a character that already has at least 10 prior levels of fighter and thief behind him - one round per level should work fine).

I would give the bonus to saves too I think.

I'm getting closer to fleshing all of this out, and I really like the idea of using the Cleric's Turning Tables for the other abilities, but we'll see how everything fits together as I start to finalize things. I don't think the finalized class write up will be done by the end of the month but it is getting closer ;)


  1. yea old bard and even human changing class rules unappealing (tried but never used in 20 years now) - second ed was streamlined and felt like a class. Even 2nd ed psion improvement. My second biggest hit post ever on bards so ntense love and hate for them thrives - a player in my game about to play one so im keen to see how he is compared to elf as a class in m game. What you describe sounds like too much effort for +1, could stand on a box and get that.

  2. Did you ever finalize your bard? Where can it be found?


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