Monday, March 25, 2013

It Feels Good Having a Gaming Project to Work On

I'm glad I have my little Crypts & Things Sandbox to detail and play with. It gives me a little bit of focus, and it's nice working on something that is very much "your own" as opposed to small tweaks to something that isnt, isn this case the awesome Rappan Athuk - "Don't let your adventurers leave home without exploring it!"  heh

It's funny, I didn't watch the video tutorial until AFTER I generated and reworked the map. The first thing I ran with from the tutorial was shrinking the damn hex number - they're much less "in your face" now than when i started with the map.

I also did some final tweaks and proofreads on a small project I mostly put to bed months ago (yeah, it was a fairly productive weekend). Well, mostly final tweaks - if the publisher likes it there may be more for me to finish off later, but I do know the artwork is done and it's awesome (any errors in the text will be all mine). Obviously I'll let you know about it when it hits RPGNow.

+Joe Wetzel how about a program that makes artists (not just decent cartographers) out of a Ten-Thumber like me? You'd really have your work cut out for you ;)

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  1. Sounds like fun Erik. I think those kind of projects, campaign starter type, are my favorite to develop.


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