Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Resurrection of Dwimmermount is Complete - Autarch Has The Rights Necessary to Fulfill the Kickstarter Obligations!

+Tavis Allison posted this on the Dwimmermount Community over on G+ (current draft and monies to pay artists, rewards were transferred last week):
"We signed a contract with James earlier today giving Autarch the rights we'll need to fulfill all the Kickstarter rewards and bonus goals as well as making them available for sale to folks who missed out on the KS (or have since decided they want to add things). I'll hope to do a full update soon but wanted to share the good news!"
I'm glad to see that the Kickstarter gods have blessed Autarch with the powers of resurrection during this holy week. Shame they can't pull that off with the Axes and Anvils (and associated Kickstarters) mess, but it isn't theirs to fix.


  1. I've enjoyed reading your stuff on kickstarters even though I am not currently supporting any. I have given it thought, but seeing as how many seem to encounter difficulties and fail their save vs. completion roll I am more than hesitant. Thanks for sharing some of the cool stuff that is out there even if I am not partaking.

  2. Well Axes and Anvils also blew their cash without producing anything. James may have really fumbled on Dwimmermount but he held onto the backers money for what it was to be used for instead of spending it on lord knows what. That is one point in his favor at least.

  3. I am glad to see it moving in the right direction, good for all of you! (I didn't jump on this one.)

  4. Good for Tavis. I imagine he's going to need part of the Kickstarter money to pay his anti-acid bills he's accumulated over the past months. It's too bad it took this long and allowed that rancor to accumulate. Good for James. Good for Tavis. And good for us who just wanted to get a piece of what James Mal created.

  5. Great news for Dwimmermount backers, and it looks like Tavis through Herculean efforts will get out of this with honour intact, and reputation more or less intact. :)
    I really wonder what went on in his face to face with JMal, what did he say and how did he get the agreement for the new contract. I'm guessing that he had it written up so all JMal had to do was sign it and transfer some of the funds back, in exchange for 'freedom'. But then why the delay on IP transfer? I'd kinda like to see a TV movie about this whole fandango. :)

  6. Still disappointed in James but really happy for Tavis. While Tavis was only peripherally involved (yes, he was still getting negative press from this and is looking to mediate that) but he took it upon himself to right the situation. To me it looks like he went above and beyond what was needed on his part. Kudos to Tavis!

  7. Great work on Tavis Allison's part. Good to hear this mess might get sorted.


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