Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time to "Open" a DwimmerTavern?

With the news that Dwimmermount is going to be released under the OGL as a whole has gotten me thinking. For those that don't know, thinking is a dangerous thing in my hands at times.

Folks will soon be able to pick and choose their "flavor" of Dwimmermount - most probably with and without 9 rats and 2,000 coppers. The tweaks will be small and large. Free and for profit. It leads to an interesting thought.

We're used to rules being OGL in the OSR but not settings and supplements, at least not beyond their "rule like pieces". Blackmarsh is about the only other such product that comes to mind - make it your own and even sell it if you want to. Amazing stuff.

Which turns into "if my current project progresses as a Swords & Sorcery setting, do I publish it, and if I do, do I go to the deep end of the OGL pool with it?"

I think the answer is to release it fully into the OGL when it's complete, but with the way I progress with projects, James will probably have his "Director's Cut" of Dwimmermount done by then.

I'd probably have to serialize it if I go that route.

Eh, just thinking aloud. Dwimmermount being released fully under the OGL opens up a crap-ton of potential and makes for an amazing precedent. I'm truly interested to see how this plays out.

Maybe I could replace the 9 Rats and 2,000 Coppers room with a surly dwarven bartender. That's an idea. A single Dwimmermount room release for plug and play into the megadungeon itself.

Or maybe I just need some sleep ;)


  1. That the beauty of open content people can do whatever and from that emerge new things that nobody thought of.

    Which is they way the entire hobby and industry got going by taking the open content of myth and legend and usng it in the process of creating a brand new type of game.

  2. how about tales from the copper rat? :)

  3. http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/DungeonMaps/Caverns_of_Slime
    My dungeon/underworld and the main map are available under a Creative Commons license.


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