Monday, March 25, 2013

Like Sand in a Sandbox, These Are the Adventures You Seek

So, at 6 miles a hex (center to center) each hex is about 31 miles square. I'm going to pretend the number is 30 miles square, as it's easier to work with and remember ;)

Which puts the island at a total of approximately (as coastline shortens some hexes) 900 square miles at 30 hexes more or less. That's a decent amount of adventure potential.

Not all hexes are going to have locations assigned to them - few will over all. Every hex should have something that has the potential for an encounter, even if it's only a plug in at a certain spot of the general encounter chart for the island. Heck, some hexes might have more than one thing going on - 30 square miles covers a lot of ground.

Now, these encounters can be anything from the old coot that lives alone on his farm and miraculously stays alive in dangerous lands to a group of bandits that ply their trade on the traders trails to the primitives that inhabit the Ruins of Azagath.

Hmmm, so if the encounter table was rolled on 2d6, a roll of say "7" would have the DM (me in this case) refer to the hex description for the results. "7" is just an example, I'm kinda thinking as I  type.

The lower half of the island still needs to be fleshed out and labeled but I'll get there. The game won't kick off officially until the first Sunday of April, giving me a good  two weeks to get this ship shaped ;)


  1. This project is shaping up quite well. I like what you are doing with this and may have to focus on a hexcrawl for my next campaign.

    Also been rereading the Loviatar Hexcrawl issues.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Christian did a great job with those - i used bit's and pieces in my ACKS / Blackmarsh Hexcrawl last summer

  2. If I may suggest, you might also want to have wandering encounters. Not things that are rolled randomly, but things which follow a set pattern and schedule. If the PCs happen to be in the hex when the encounter is there, they could meet. For instance, merchant caravans that have a set route, patrols of soldiers, smugglers, range hunting animals, etc. Also gives the PCs a change to _avoid_ such things if they clue on to the fact that there is a pattern.

    1. @Joseph, I like that idea a lot!

    2. Indeed, I'll have to remember that myself.

      Anything that rewards alert players is to be embraced, I think.


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