Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where Do the Cannibal Veggipygmies Live?

So, where do the Cannibal Veggipygmies live? Probably The Ruins of Azagoth.

Egaden, The Two Headed Ogre? The mountains around The Tomb of the Damned.

The mysterious Red Wizard? In his tower on the south end of the isle.

Who was "Thocar" and who rules Thocar's Castle and the surrounding lands these days?

Just how large is Tenkar's Landing, and is it really ruled by the Merchant's Guild? What of the Privateer  Cyrus the Bold and his influence?

What is the name of the island anyway?

I am finding the easiest way to finding answers is to ask the right questions ;)


  1. Thocar's Thanes was an adventuring guild back in the day, led by the mighty warlord Thocar. [This presupposes Mighty Warlord means bumbling idiot. Seriously, Int-5, Wis-4.] The true strength of the Thanes was the wizard Azagoth and his on-again/off-again paramour, Tamarisk, the flame-haired Elven Witch. After slaughtering countless monsters, sorcerers, cultists and more than a few passers-by they had amassed enough gold to buy their own island. Which they did. Thocar built a mighty castle in the center of the isle and the two wizards, Azagoth and the witch Tamarisk built towers on either end in order to pursue their magical research [they were off at that time]. Azagoth, as we can plainly see, had a slight mishap. He was turned into a turtle and went to live with Thocar (well, Thocar was sure it was Azagoth).

    After a time, Thocar, bored out of his mind since he never could figure out the semaphore system the turtle was using to communicate, turned to the worship of dark, squiggly, chaos 'gods'. Convinced by the 'gods' to sunder the great seal (of which there is no evidence it exists) Thocar commissioned at least three subterranean exploratory digs to locate the seal in order to free his new masters. Tiring of this messing about with squigdy things, Tamarisk conspired with King Gaspar to bring an army from the mainland to oust Thocar. He retreated, setting sail for far off lands never to be seen again. Or at least for the next four years, when he returned to the little village on the NW end of the island. Figuring no one would recognize him, he went by the name Tenkar, and opened a Tavern.

    The villagers, not fooled by the mustache, indulged his deception, just to see what would happen. The village grew into a town and was named after Tenkar. Tenkar met his demise one night, when someone moved his outhouse back several feet, he drowned.

    Azagoth the turtle, having found a goblin who understands semaphore, rules Thocar's Castle to this day.

    Tamarisk, still occupies her tower, uncertain whether to be amused or insulted by the 'Red Wizard' talk. So far, amused has won, by a slight margin...

  2. I think the veggipygmies live on a very small island within sight of the Ruins of Azagoth. The island is covered with a fungus that has taken over and coated rocks and trees on the jutting rocks. The veggipygmies make the trek from there small island to the ruins on a regular basis by going through the ocean ( getting covered in seaweed). Why do the go to the ruins? Is it a compulsion from something more sinister in the ruins, or something else?

  3. Or just wait until your players advance a theory and roll with it. It's amazing how genius this can make you look.

    "You mean it actually was (that guy)? Holy shit!"

    I've used this technique to 'reveal' the truth of things that happened years before (real time and game time). Never mind that I didn't even know myself at the time....

    1. I've done that. I call it the "That's WAY better than MY idea..." process.

  4. The red wizard is Egadens father.

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  6. So wait....a cannibal veggipygmy eats other veggipygmyies and probably regular vegetables too.

    How are these guys a threat to non-plant PCs?

    1. They still kill strangers-they just don't eat them (probably because they don't know where they've been-that was the licking rule when I was a kid).


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