Friday, March 29, 2013

List of 40 Blogs Participating in the S&W Appreciation Day Thus Far (oh, and some Phat Loot!)

Can you believe we have 40 blogs signed up for the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day which will run on April 17th, 2013 (although some blogs are making it a week long event ;)

Now, how's this for a "pot sweetener"? Frog God Games is offering the "winning" blogger the Swords & Wizardry PDF of their choice from Tome of Horrors, Rappan Athuk or the upcoming Razor Coast. How will the "winner" be decided? Chris, Matt and myself will work that out.

One random participating blog will get a $10 credit to RPGNow curtesy of me :)

I'll put another $5 credit into the gift pool at 50 blogs signed up, another $5 at 60 blogs and yet another at 75 blogs participating. 

So, if we hit 75 blogs there will be the Frog God Games PDF, a $10 RPGNow credit and 3 $5 RPGNow credits up for grabs.

If you want to sign up your blog and participate, add yourself as a comment to this post. If there are any mistakes below, they are mine - point them out and I'll correct them.

7 - Lapsus Calumni

8 - 19th Level

9 - Sycarion Diversions

10 - Dorkland!

11 - Worlds Galore

12 - Dreams of My Mystic Fantasy

13 - Daily OSR fix

14 - BrewLab Gaming Concepts

15 - Realms of Chirak

16 - Quickly, Quietly, Carefully

17 - Dreams in the Lich House

18 - Hereticwerks

19 - RPG Delisi

20 - The Retired Adventurer

21 - Semper Initiativus Unum

22 - Red Box Denver

23 - Bat in the Attic

24 - Reverend Dak dot Blogspot

25 - The Ongoing Campaign

26 - The Other Side

27 - d20 Dialectic

28 - Unto the Breach

29 - Venger's old school gaming blog

30 - Fear No Darkness

31 - Mythmere's Blog (Mr S&W Himself ;)

32 - Gamers & Grodnards

33 - Dispatches From Kickassistan

34 - Six Sarcophagi

35 - Edgar's Game Blog

36 - Spes Magna Games

37 - The Space Cockroach's Hideout

38 - inthecitiesdotcom

39 - Sorcerer Under Mountain

40 - Tenkar's Tavern (this very blog)

41 - No School Like the Old School

42 - Blessings of the Dice Gods

43 - Porky's Expanse

44 - The Clash of Spear on Sword

45 - Roll to Carouse!

46 - Ilea jacta Est -- A 20-Sided Look at Life

47 - Blood & Battle 

48 - Starting Over With the OSR


  1. I'd like to pledge "No School Like The Old School" to the effort, please.

  2. "Blessings of the Dice Gods" http://dicegods.wordpress.com isn't super active, but I sure do appreciate S&W and I'd like to participate.

  3. Me, too! Not a very active 'blog but I definitely want to support S&W. http://dubeers.blogspot.com/

  4. Count me in. I don't use the whole ruleset, just bits and pieces, but the system and presentation does inspire me. The free version and the clean style make it a good entry point to D&D for the inquisitive and I'm happy to help spread the word.


  5. Count me in too. I'm running S&W Whitebox right now, and I'm sure I can put up something at least that day, perhaps even for the week.

    1. I should probably give my blog address too, shouldn't I?:


  6. "How will the "winner" be decided? Chris, Matt and myself will work that out."
    I have to admit, this tempts me to hold off releasing my "Basic Illusionist" pdf until the 17th.

  7. I'm in http://rolltocarouse.blogspot.com/


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