Monday, December 17, 2012

The Sullen Seven - Trying to Find a Use for Seven Sided Dice - Staffs

Because the 7-sided die is as ugly as they come, I present The Sullen Seven Staffs (say that five times fast ;)

1 - Staff of the Wanderer - this +1 Staff can be used to find true East once per day without using a charge. At will it can find clean drinking water within 5 miles (it indicates direction . distance and general amount of water - too many choices it goes from closest to furthest). Finding water costs 1 charge.

2 - Staff of the Sword - much like a cane sword, there is a sword hidden within this staff. The wilder can switch from log sword to staff at will without using a charge. Neither the Staff nor the Sword have a base magic bonus to hit. Using 1 charge grants the staff / sword a +1 magic bonus for 24 hours, 2 charges grants the staff / sword a +2 magic bonus for 24 hours and 3 charges grants the staff / sword a +3 bonus for 24 hrs. When the charges of the Staff of the Sword are totally consumed, the weapon is stuck forever in the form it currently is.

3 - Staff of Beating - this gnarled staff grants no bonus to hit but does grant a +2 bonus on damage inflicted - the catch is that the Staff of Beating ONLY does subdual damage. It has no charges or other abilities.

4 - The Iron Staff - although this staff has the shape and weight of worked wood, it has the toughness (and conductivity) of iron. Using a charge allows it to change shape into one of the following forms: 10' Iron Pole, Grappling Hook with 20' Chain, Sledgehammer or 10 gallon cooking pot. It remains in it's current shape until willed back to Staff form or dispelled.

5 - Staff of Authority - this +1 staff strengthens the morale of one's hirelings and henchmen. When wielded it grants a +2 bonus to moral rolls for allied NPCs. If hirelings or henchmen fail a moral roll, expending a charge allows them to reroll their morale check (this includes the usual +2 modifier)

6 - Staff of Opening - this +1 staff can be used to open locked / stuck doors by expending a charge and tapping the surface in question. A loud "BOOM" accompanies the opening. When used in combat, a charge can be expended on a clothed / armored opponent. If the struck target fails their save, they suffer an AC penalty of 1d3 points as buckles unbuckle, knots untie, trousers fall down and the like.

7 - Staff of the Orchard - this staff is made from wood of an apple tree. While fairly useless in combat, when the command word is said and the staff's end is touched to the ground it transforms into an robust and fruitful apple tree for up to 24 hrs. The apples from this tree heal 1d2 HP per apple, no more than 2 apples can have an affect on a character per day. Eating an apple also counts as a full day of food and drink. No more than a dozen apples can be harvest from the tree per day. Any additional apples picked will rot immediately. Apples created from the Staff of the Orchard will rot if not eaten within 24 hours.

(not to forget the Sullen Seven Rods ;)


  1. Something other than a day of the week? Awesome...

  2. The Sullen Seven Staffs...
    Well you have left us hanging here Tenkar! What happens when someone comes into possession of all 7 of the Staffs? And who is the mage that crafted these 7 wonders?

  3. If someone comes into possession of all 7 of the Staffs IT'S GAME OVER MAN! GAME FUCKING OVER!

    er, where was I?

    oh, next up will be seven wants I think, then seven rings, seven potions, seven cloaks, etc, etc, etc

    you WILL use a D7! yes you will. it's my... precious...


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