Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sullen Seven - Rings

Because the lowly 7-sided die needs some more uses:

7 Rings:

1 - Ring of Postponed Finality - If someone wearing this ring is killed, their friends and comrades have 24 hours to heal the wearer to a positive hit point total to restore him / her to life. For example, Dunbar takes a major blow and fallsto -13 HP and should be dead. When wearing this ring the party has 24 hours to heal him to a positive HP total to avoid his true death.

2 - Ring of the Sheep - this ring is cursed and makes the wearer more susceptible to Charm type spells. Suck spells are saved against with a -4 penalty. The wearer of a Ring of the Sheep will never willingly remove it.

3 - Rings of the Assassin - these plain rings come as a matched set. When worn on each hand and touched to each other, a magic garrote forms between the two ring. The garrote in question is treated as a +2 weapon.

4 - Ring of Sanctuary - this ring, when placed on the ground and the command word is said, cast a Sanctuary spell. The ring can be used thus once per day

5 - Ring of the Open Palm - in many ways similar to the above mentioned Rings of the Assassin, the Ring of the Open Palm allows the wearer to treat their ringed hand as if it were a +1 sap. Talk about a painful slap ;)

6 - Tenkar's Ring of the Tankard - never one to be without a proper Tankard of beer, Tenkar's Ring of the Tankard can turn into a 32 oz tankard of cold, fresh beer up to three times per day.

7 - Ring of Undeath - This ring appears to be identical to a Ring of Postponed Finality (and will show as such 75% of the time when researched or magically identified), but instead of preserving the wearer's body it will turn the deceased into a Ghoul 1d7 rounds after the wearer dies.

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  1. I like it. #2 would be handy at work. #6 would be handy anytime (except when operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment).


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