Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking Over The Legends RPG Rules (Not Mongoose but The Fantasy Trip)

I was hoping to play a solo adventure of either Shadows in the Dark or Emerald Twilight tonight, but after the full morning and day I had up here in the Poconos, I don't see it happening. That's okay, because I'd still have to design my party of four.

Here's the cool thing about the solos from Dark City Games - the fact that they default to four person parties means that you could actually run through the programed adventures with more than one player. It's actually a cool twist on the solo style adventure and gives an option that the standard default of solo adventuring, Tunnels & Trolls, doesn't - more than one player in a programmed adventure.

The other feature that the Dark City Games series of adventures has that T&T solos lack is tactical combat - it comes with a combat map and cardboard cutout tokens. Depending on your style of play, this could be a feature or a fault, but I'm much more tolerant of tactical combat when I'm the player and not the DM ;)

Anyhow, the Legends RPG system (which is available for free download on the DCG website) is also included in the adventures they sell. The rules take up about 7 digest sized pages (additional rules on how to use them in the programed adventure take up about another page). It's a pretty tight RPG for 7 pages, but it's also sparse in detail. You could, however, run a campaign using these 7 pages, but I suspect it would require much DM Fiat - not necessarily a bad thing, but it should be noted.

I'm going to have to put these rules through their paces later tonight and create my first character. Heck, I used to create characters in GURPS back in the day - even used Man to Man prior to GURPS. 7 pages of rules should be a breeze ;)


  1. I'm interested in reading your thoughts regarding the DCG solo play. I've looked over the Legends of the Ancient World rules a few times in the past but have yet to try them out.

    I've got a couple of weeks off over Christmas and have planned to try out some T&T solos. Maybe I'll try out the Dark City freebies as well!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm also interested in your thoughts on these games. They seem to have a unique mix of rpg, wargame, and solo play that intrigues me. I'd be curious if you also looked at Heroes & Other Worlds that is suppose to be compatible with these products. The only thing that others have mentioned about the Dark City products that keeps me from buying, is their lack of replayability. Maybe Heroes & Other Worlds would be the answer to that problem?


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