Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solo Gaming Planned For the Weekend Away

I'm in the Poconos for for the weekend, so no game tomorrow night (the piss poor internet won't support a Hangout). Laptop and tablet if I want to read some gaming material, but Dyson's Delves will be the main gaming related reading material - I plan on using the Mini-Mega Dungeon in my AD&D 1e Campaign.

I would, however, like to get some gaming in while I'm up here, so I brought the two Legend / The Fantasy Trip compatible solos with me that I recently ordered: Shadows in the Dark and Emerald Twilight.

I'll see if my party of four can survive. Even better would be tempting my wife to assist.

Shit, I need to create my party of four. I'll work on that tomorrow morning after the vet visit.

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