Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Review - Roll XX (Tables and Tables and...)

You said you needed some tables for inspiration?

Have we got the tables tables for you! (Imagine Cheech Marin in Dusk to Dawn)

Bite tables!

Weakness Tables!

Sorcerous Location Tables!

What's in the Treasure Chest Tables! (it might just be 2,000 Coppers ;)

In Roll XX there's all kinds of tables!

Featuring sections for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supers, Modern, and Horror gaming, Roll XX is packed with adventure hooks, NPCs, story seeds, magic items, monster, locations, and setting details!

System agnostic too, so leave your prejudice behind!

Oh shit! The review part.

Okay, this shit rocks.

Seriously. I'm not inclined to roll a D20 on the tables. I'm more likely to pick thru some tables like they were Chinese Food Menus - one from Table A, one from Table B and maybe one from Table D ;)

I really like this.

Between this and Dyson's Delves I don't think I'll be looking elsewhere for source material for my current campaign.


  1. Hot damn. Thank you very much! I'm really glad you're digging it. (And for those who prefer the print version, Roll XX is also on Lulu, and if you buy it, you get the PDF for free so you can read it while you wait for your dead-tree edition to arrive.) Erik, if you do wind up using any material from the tables in your campaign, I would love to hear about it!

  2. Not so much a fan of random table rolling, and usually do as you describe; flick through and look for some inspirational stuff and just use it because it's cool. Still, I've been hearing some great things about this title recently, so I might still take the plunge...

  3. I went ahead & purchased this via Lulu based on your blog post. I've not ordered physical books from Lulu before. The postage to The Netherlands is a lot less expensive than Goodman Games.

  4. I appreciate the pdf too. That's a nice gesture. :)

  5. Paul - Cool deal!

    Steve - Excellent! Did you get the "A Lulu Thank You" with the download info for the PDF, then?


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