Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's a Contest to Win the AD&D Core 3 Reprints - And I'm NOT the One Running It ;)

Yep, there's a contest out there in RPG blogland that isn't being run on the Tavern. Well, actually, there's a handful of contest off and on running around at there, and I probably should send my readers to them, because the chance to win free shit is awesome :)

Anyhow, the Roll For Initiative podcast / The Evil DM Blog are giving away a set of the recent AD&D 1e reprints - The Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide and The Monster Manual.
There is some creative work required on your end:

- First Edition Core Rules style only.
- A Halloween theme'd adventure.
- Minimum of 25 rooms with boxed text.
- Pictures optional.
- Full text of monsters.
- At least a hand drawn map, keyed with numbers.
- In word or PDF format

Due date: 
Nov 1st, 2012 -- 11:59PM EST*

*Note: Contest subject to cancellation due to lack of entries. All entries become properity of RFI and WGP, LLC.

Note: Vince sent me the following update - Let everyone know that the entries will not be published. Only the winner will be as a free pdf stand alone, and then later on we'll do a free PDF download of all of them so the community can enjoy.

So, if you have something in mind to write, and would like the chance to win an excellent set of AD&D reprints (I have them, and they are very well done), and are okay with donating your entry to the community of gamers, give it a shot. The rest of the details can be found here.

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