Monday, September 24, 2012

One of the Prizes For This Month's DCC RPG Contest - Dead Tree Copy of DCC 67, Sailors on the Starless Sea

Victor Garrison, one of the fine readers of this blog and an exceptional patron of the Tavern, was kind enough to donate an extra copy of DCC #67 - Sailors on the Starless Sea for this month's DCC RPG contest.  Thank you Vic - I am in your service. Cross the river to NYC and I'll buy you a beer.

As usual, Dak, the master of the Crawl! Fanzine is also offering up the current month's copy of Crawl! (which should be issue #4).

Occult Games will be donating a copy of The Forgotten Outpost. Although not specifically designed for the DCC RPG, the adventure is certainly DCC in flavor and should convert will little effort.

And I might have some more stuff in the hopper - the 3rd party publishers of the DCC RPG extended family are a generous bunch.

Not sure what the contest will be yet - I do have some ideas. I think I will go with a panel of judges this time around, and I need to contact my nominees ;)

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