Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everything Is Dolphins - Release Party This Sunday in Brooklyn

Regretfully I won't be able to make the Everything Is Dolphins release party, as I'll be at my nephew's birthday party, trying to sneak in part of the Jets game while I'm at it. Still, I enjoyed my time playing EID at Games That Can Not be Named last winter and I'm happy I have my limited and numbered copy :)

If you are in the NYC metro area the party kicks off at 5 PM and runs till midnight at 20 Meadow Street in Brooklyn.

Complete details are at the Everything is Dolphins Facebook page.

(edit: Everything is Dolphins is the classic Sega Game Echo the Dolphin converted to a pen and paper RPG by someone that might have been really "happy" on something while writing it. Don't take it too seriously and it's a blast to play. Ask why dolphins only swim along a 2 dimensional up/down left/right axis and how they are allowed to acquire harpoon guns and this game probably isn't for you)


  1. Still doesn't tell me what it's about. I assume dolphins are in it. But dolphins are the 'Jerks of the Sea'* It's how the US Navy was able to teach them to kill people, it comes naturally.

    Do I want to play a dolphin? Is it like playing a dog? Except instead of "Squirrel!" it's "Mackerel!"?

    * I used a nicer word than I really meant there.

  2. Saroe,

    There's a short write up at the top of the page here: http://plagmada.org/Shop.html


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