Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doing a Little Research on RPG Kickstarters and Timeliness (or lack there off)

As I've stated in the past, I've supported way too many Kickstarters and Indiegogo Projects. Most of them are RPG related, and I started researching how well they were at keeping keeping to their estimated delivery dates.

Want to be surprised? Not very well at all.

Probably the only one that's going to hit it's mark is Barrowmaze II, which is due next month (and the PDFs might release as early as this week - technically a month early). Need to give Greg G major props for not being part of the "always late" crowdfunding trend.

So, Dwimmermount is hardly alone in being fashionably late.

I hope to have the post ready for tonight - should be interesting ;)


  1. "I hope to have the post ready for tonight"

    Uh oh, now if it isn't delivered tonight, you'll have all sort of angry emails!

  2. I was shocked when Shadows of Eseteren arrived on time. Then I was shocked that I was shocked - we've been conditioned to expect these things to be late!

  3. yes, i might be "fashionably late" ;)


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