Saturday, September 29, 2012

ENWorld Redeems Itself - The Perturbed Dragon Cartoon Series is Actually Amusing

Yep, ENWorld has put out it's on cartoon series called The Perturbed Dragon. Now, I'll admit to only viewing the prelude (short and fairly weak) and the first of six. I surprised myself by actually enjoying it. Heck, my wife started hearing it in the next room and she got into it too, and she's no gamer.

Sure, it's a pretty poor quality cartoon visually, and I wouldn't be surprised to find it's computer generated, but it's available for free, so there's no harm in checking it out for yourself. The scripts are fairly amusing at times, and when the mage rants - priceless ;)

Now, what surprises me is that episode 1 only has 2200+ views and it's been out for a nearly a month and a half. View numbers drop heavily with the later episodes: episode 2 = 1200+, episode 3 = 650+. Episode  6 just came out.

For a site drawing in the web traffic that ENWorld draws, I'd expect significantly more views. The trailer admittedly has over $24k views, but that didn't convert to actual viewers it seems.

Give it a peek. It's not that bad. Parts are actually damn good (most of the voice acting is "eh", but that's to be expected when the creators need to round up friends to play parts - it doesn't detract much).

P.S.  Did I mention it takes place in a tavern? It's like a Bizzarro World PubCon ;)

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