Thursday, September 27, 2012

Announcing PubCon NYC - October 27th - Mark Your Calendars!

Joe the Lawyer and I have been talking about doing a PubCon in NYC since we hung out for some drinks and grub across from the Complete Strategist this past summer one afternoon. We both figured if it's fun for two gamers to get together in a pub and tell war stories, how much better could it be with many more gamers in a pub telling war stories - and playing games.

So, this is the game plan so far - I'll make a more detailed post when we're closer to the date, but we both figured lettings our friends in the NYC Metro Area know about it sooner than later was best.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet - First Location - Downtown Strand Book Store
Corner of Broadway and E12th Street
Time  1230 PM

Meet - Second Location - Complete Strategist Game Store
11 E33rd Street - Between 5th and Madison
Time  130 PM

Meet - Third and Final Location - Rattle N Hum (Pub)
14 E33rd Street - Between 5th and Madison
Time  230 PM

I'll be bringing Drinking Quest 1 & 2 with me to play / demo / down my beers with. I'll order an extra copy to give away as a random prize for one of the players.

This is an informal gathering at best - unless we have a huge response to this, the game plan is to grab a table or two in the back of the pub and have a blast. If we have a huge response, Joe's a lawyer and I'm sure he can arrange a good deal for us ;)

Any quick and informal RPG you might want to bring should work fine.

In any case, mark your calendars, as we intend to have a blast!

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