Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gamer / Publisher Needs Help With Medical Bills

If you don't know Mike Garcia, you should. He's the main man behind Occult Moon, the fine folks that bring you Toys For the Sandbox on a weekly basis.

Mike got injured (severely) while working for Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and has had medical problems and bills relating to his injury ever since.

If you can spare some change to a few bucks towards his medical bills, that's awesome. If you can't, and in these trying days of the economy that seems to be getting more and more likely, just pass this post on, so maybe others that can "will".

Gamers are a pretty tight community, and I've seen us come together time and time again for out fellow gamers. Lets keep the tradition going strong.

Mike's giving away a gaming supplement for free to those who donate - Blood of Morpheus. Actually, in truth, he's practically giving it away to any who are willing to even think about donating toward his medical bills - consider yourself on the honor system. It sells for $3 on RPGNow, and no, I haven't done a review for it, because I helped to edit it ;)

All that being said, if you can't donate - please pass this on to others.

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