Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spent My Night Wrapped Up With Delving Deeper Vol1

Yep, spent bedtime reading Volume 1 (the Player's Book) of Delving Deeper. It was a very comforting read.

Of course, I have the same question here that I have with the OWB - hit points and hit die progression.

For example, Magic-User HD progress as follows:







So, do you roll the new total number of HD every level, replacing the previous HP, even if the new total is lower?

Do you roll the new total number of HD every level, replacing the previous HP, except if the new total is lower?

Do you add a new HD only when the number of dice increase, and subtract one from the roll to take into account the +1 from the previous level?

Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. That's a good question.

    I have always assumed it was the second option you listed and played it as such but, I would be curious to know if anyone's been doing it differently and why.

  2. We rolled 1 HD at lvl 1.
    Added +1 HP at lvl 2.
    Rolled another (1) HD at lvl 3 & added it to our total.
    Added +1 HP at lvl 4; etc...

    But it does cause confusion.

  3. I think people have been debating this for nearly fourty years ;)

    I keep a cumulative total. I don't reroll the hit dice each level, although many OD&D players do, nor do I subtract the hit point from the previous level when getting a new hit dice. The way I play it, the +1 hit point every other level is like getting a new hit dice, but caps the hit points at 1.


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