Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delving Deeper - A Look at Volume III - Monsters and Treasure Reference

Let me bring your attention to the cover of Delving Deeper Vol III - many layers of awesome! I love this cover. Maybe it's because it has a troll and a hairy footed hobbit halfling on the cover. Nice choice and well done.

If you liked the way the OD&D Boxed Set listed it's monsters, you like the set up of the monster section. If you are like me, and hate that part of the OD&D Boxed Set - you won't like it. I understand why it was done this way (emulating the original) but it doesn't mean it was the best choice. It's not horrible, and if this became your ruleset of choice I'm sure you'd grow accustomed to it fast enough, but  it is not user friendly. At least it will be addressed when they do the softcover.

The magic item section is the magic item section you'd expect. Seems pretty close to the other OSR rulesets I've read and the OD&D Boxed Set.

Damn, this means I have to go back and read DD Vol II, which I seem to have skipped over.

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