Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Winners of the DCC RPG Corruption Contest Are...

It's time to decide the winners for the DCC RPG Corruption Results Contest. If I thought getting winners form a list of 133 was hard last month, all 25 entries this months could be and should be considered winners. That being said, I need to pick the winner of Crawl! #3 and 5 winners of single issues of Toys For the Sandbox. Thankfully the 2 adventures from Purple Sorcerer Games I get to determine randomly.

Alright, Crawl! #3, courtesy of Dak Ultimak goes to - TheMetal1, for the following entry:

A black and yellow ichor filled semi-transparent sack appears on the PC’s back, small at first but growing into an enormous orb in 1d3 months. Reduce movement by 5ft and agility by 1 for each month of growth. After which the following happens (d6):

(1) The sack will burst causing 1d4 acid damage in a 30ft radius, but the PC there after immune to any acid attacks.

(2) The sack tears open, revealing a unique demon (roll on page 404 of the DCC rulebook to determine type) causing 1d6 damage immediately to the PC and attacking anyone in the area.

(3) The sack tears open, spilling out thousands of tiny hungry spiders with the PCs head in place of a normal spider head. Treat as an Insect Swarm (see the DCC rulebook page 418) but each attack forces a DC 8 Fort save with failure indicating a mild poison (1 hp damage plus -1 penalty to all rolls for 1 hour)

(4) The sack solidifies and becomes like a sickly turtle shell. The character is considered permanently encumbered (slowing to half his speed) and PC receives a +5 AC to any rear/back attacks.

(5) The sack dissolves revealing a Primeval Slime (see on pages 423-424 of the DCC rulebook to determine type).

(6) The sack bursts causing pus to ooze out. After 1d4 days, the sack is empty and deflated. It will then start to refill again in 1d3 months. Roll again on this table to determine the result.

Perils of the Sunken City, courtesy of Purple Sorcerer Games will be randomly awarded to - JeffStomer for the following entry:

Your stomach's bile is magically replaced. Roll a d5.

1. Alchemical acid. Your insides slowly corrode. -2 CON and you can no longer eat spicy food.

2. Maggots. They rip into your food, increasing your appetite. You must now eat twice as much to stay adequately fed.

3. Water. Food sits in your stomach for weeks, slowly digesting but weighing you down. -2 to movement-related skill checks, but you only need to eat once per day.

4. Blood. There is now a 2% chance of receiving a random disease at every meal.

5. Alchemist's Fire. You may force yourself to belch, expunging a minor breath attack up to five feet away (1d8 damage, Reflex save avoids). However, doing so badly burns your mouth and innards--dealing you equal damage.

The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, also courtesy of Purple Sorcerer Games, will be randomly awarded to - Gabriel Perez Galardi for the following entry:

Roll 1d6 to know which of the senses is corrupted:

1-Sight: Your eyes double in size and the optic nerve grows like snail antennas.

2-Smell: You grow an elephant nose but can't breathe through it.

3-Hearing: You grow necomimi.

4-Touch: A hand grows from each finger of your finger tips.

5-Taste: You get Gene Simmons tongue.

6-All of the above.

Congrats to all the above. The Metal1, I'll need your snail mail address to give to Dak to get you your reward. Jeff and Gabriel, I need you to email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet so I can forward you your prize codes.

Now, for the five winners of Toys For the Sandbox (one issue to each winner, chosen by the winners from one of the first 16 releases):

Charlie Gilb

Ted C.

David Macauley

Geraldo Tasistro

Eldric IV

Doug Medesha

Tim Shorts

Yeah, that's 7, not 5 winners. Sue me! ;)

(edit - all others that entered go to this post and Mike Garcia from Occult Moon will hook you up with some Toys for the Sandbox!)

The above 7 need to email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet and let me know a) which of the first 16 Toys for the Sandbox they want me to but for their account and b) the email address the use at RPGNow, so i can buy the release you want for your account.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, should consider themselves winners. Amazingly great entries all around.

Next month will include some more products in dead tree format AND hopefully a a judging panel :)


  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm not bitter in the slightest. I'm sure my eye keeps doing that because of something I ate.

  2. Thank you Erik, it was fun. Congratulations to all.

  3. Great job everyone!! Grats to TheMetal1, JeffStomer, Gabriel Perez, and the other winners!


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