Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Many Systems, So Much OSR Goodness

As you saw with my earlier post, I came home to my boxed set of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea earlier today. Last night I found Volumes I + II (still waiting on Volume III) of Delving Deeper. I just got my HC of Blood & Treasure last week. I am swimming in OSR Goodness!

So, here's what I want to do. I need to compile a list of OSR games, which will then become part of a poll - Which OSR Game do you want me, your friendly neighborhood barkeep, to run as a short story Arc of 2 to 3 sessions on Google+ Hangouts? Once the poll is decided we'll figure out a day, time and TPK victims ;)

I'm going to remove ACKS and DCC RPG from the list, as I already run ACKS pretty much weekly, and I've run a handful of DCC RPG sessions, and should be running some more later on this month for those that played in the earlier sessions.

I suspect the list of options is fairly long, so I'm going to throw a list out there off the top of my head - let me know what I omitted and I'll make sure it's part of the poll when it goes up.

In no particular order:

Labyrinth Lord
Labyrinth Lord AEC
Labyrinth Lord OEC
Swords & Wizardry Core
Swords & Wizardry Complete
Swords & Wizardry White Box
Crypts & Things
Blood & Treasure
Castles & Crusades
Dark Dungeons
Delving Deeper
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
Mazes & Perils
For Gold & Glory
Microlite 75
Adventures Dark & Deep
Basic Fantasy RPG
LotFP Weird Fantasy
(added below thanks to readers here and G+)
Mazes & Minotaurs
Worlds Apart (Traveller)
Mutant Future
Realms of Chaos (LL)
Starships & Spacemen
Neoclassical Geek Revival
For Gold & Glory
Myth & Magic
Par Fortuna
Bucklers and Backswords
Space Princess
Tombs & Terrors
Tunnels & Trolls

What needs to be added?


  1. How about Worlds Apart from Expeditious Retreat Press? It's a rework of classic Traveller as a fantasy game, and it's just come out: http://josephbrowning.blogspot.com/2012/09/worlds-apart-pdfs-now-for-sale.html

  2. you mean the game in the upper left hand corner of this blog?

    that game?

    eh - why not? adding to the list ;)

  3. Blood and Treasure, perhaps? Your review prompted me to order it. I opted for the cheap shipping, though. It'll be weeks till it gets here. So, maybe not that. So... LoTFP!

  4. @edgar - both are already on the list ;)

  5. Crap. I was answering the wrong question. What I heard in my head was, "So, Edgar, what do you want to play next?"

    Luckily I didn't choose "Global Thermonuclear War."

    How about Small But Vicious Dog?

  6. Mutant Future
    Encounter Critical
    Neoclassical Geek Revival

  7. Whoops! I didn't see Mutant Future was already on the list. So I'll add some more:

    Mystery Men!
    Pars Fortuna
    Space Princess
    For Gold & Glory
    Myth & Magic

  8. i tend to avoid supers, don't know of space princess.

    Rotworld is an old pacesetter game engine - dont have it myself, and if it uses the old chill / space ace charts - er, no ;)

  9. Corruption from Thistle Games http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/97783/Corruption


  10. How about a steel cage match? Astonishing Swordsmen would win hands down. Besides having a deadly cool Weird Tales, Clark Ashton Smith, REH, HPL feel to it, the game is a boxed set with dice.

  11. Tombs & Terrors
    Villains & Vigilantes
    Dungeons &Dragons (it's OSR, isn't it?)
    Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Holmes, B/X, BECMI)
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    En Garde
    Flashing Blades
    ZeFRS (Conan RPG)
    Beasts, Men & Gods
    Chivalry & Sorcery
    The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth

  12. Tombs & Terrors - forgot that one
    Villains & Vigilantes - i dont do supers
    Dungeons &Dragons (it's OSR, isn't it?) sure, but the clones come damn close and are easier on my aging eyes ;)
    Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Holmes, B/X, BECMI) s/a/a
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - i could use the reprints - my old 1e books are shot to shit
    En Garde - out of print
    Flashing Blades - i avoided this back in the day - I might as well run Swordbearer if I could find the box ;)
    ZeFRS (Conan RPG) - have the original - didn't like it
    Beasts, Men & Gods - very OOP
    Chivalry & Sorcery - have 2e - head still hurts and my eyes damned me ;)
    The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth - OOP
    Dragonquest - have it - i'd need to hit up Padre to teach me how to play it
    (but since we are straying, i may as well as T&T ;)

  13. Actually. These are available-

    En Garde--http://www.engarde.co.uk/index.html

    Beasts, Men & Gods--http://wunderwood.com/BMG/


    Well, pretty close. More TFT than ITL. Can't believe I forgot Swordbearer.

  14. Spellcraft and Swordplay is one of my faves.
    Core Rules
    and the Basic Game is free,
    Basic Game

  15. Jeewillickers! We forgot Hackmaster. Just saw the new Player's Handbook in FLGS. I'm pretty sure Clerics can wield it as a blunt weapon.


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