Sunday, September 2, 2012

Update! Everyone That Entered The August DCC Corruption Contest is a Winner! (With Thanks to Mike at Occult Moon)

I meant it when I said I wish I could give a prize to everyone that entered the August DCC RPG Corruption Contest - the entries were just that good.

Mike Garcia from Occult Moon agrees with me - so I need the following to reach out to Mike at thecrazygmATgmailDOTcom with the email they use at RPGNow, because Mike is going to hook you up with one of the first 16 releases in the Toys for the Sandbox Series.

Yep - everyone wins and I couldn't be happier.

Holy shit but I'm part of an awesome community of roleplayers and publishers and artists and let me just shut up...


Epic Prime

Tamas Illes


Joshua Ward

Lord Mhor





Sean Smith

(if I missed you, let me know)


  1. Aha! Finally being a whiny, petulant brat pays off.

    My childhood is redeemed.

  2. make sure you email mike you slacker! ;)

  3. I did. He sent the code immediately- so I got it & picked up another 4 while I was at it. So win win I hope.

  4. Thanks @SAROE, I try to be awesome in the customer service area.


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