Thursday, September 6, 2012

Poll - Which "Old School" RPG Should I Run in October for the Fine Patrons of the Tavern?

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There were a lot of suggestions for this poll, and I suspect I'll be doing this every month or two, so I trimmed the list to 16 choices (I'll do the next poll with other games from the list). You can pick as many as you want, and you can add a comment as to why a certain game should be the one chosen.

Comments will hold weight, so even something that doesn't come up 1st (but is close) may be the game chosen if the comments are persuasive enough.

Besides that, commenters will get some kind of consideration if I have too large a pool of players to accomodate - tho if I do 2 one-shots, that may put us at 12-14 players. So, if I have to go random picking players, commenters will get their name put in the hat twice. That should work ;)

So, take the poll and choose a game or games you would like to see played in October, then tell me "why" in the comments below.

Time to roll "Old School" ;)


  1. AS&SH is an amazing version of D&D. The subsytems are simple and clean, and everything included in the game serves to enhance the Swords & Sorcery/Weird Fantasy setting. I would say AS&SH does for AD&D what LotFP does for B/X. I have been devouring the PDFs since I got them and can't wait to play it at our local public game day later this month.

  2. LotFP. Really, I want to see a low-level magic-user get stuck in a desperate situation, cast Summon, and have all hell break loose. I'd really like to be that magic-user.

  3. OSRIC, because it doesn't get enough love 'round these parts.

  4. @Firstfort - I've been hearing much good about AS&SH - and i have the PDFs and the boxed set. My first impression (after skimming the classes) was that Crypts & Things covered the S&S aspect etter, but apparently I need to read further ;)

    @Crawen - Weird Fantasy is a fun little system - even if I dson't run it, I may use one of LotFP's adventures ;)

    @OSRIC - tried to run it at a benefit in the spring, but no one showed :(

  5. I have been really liking Swords and Wizardry. There was some really careful design in those early rules and the restoration of them in the S&W package was clearly a labor of love.

    There are a few clunky bits (the Thief class) but overall I am liking it a lot. I especially enjoy the de-emphasis of ability scores which really destroys a lot of the character design mini-game that haunts more modern editions (even one's I like, such as Castles and Crusades).

  6. I chose S&W complete, because I am getting it in the Reaper KS and want to see how it runs.

    Also, LL because I just picked up an old B/X set and I love those things.

  7. I chose AS&SH and LotFP because those are the two that struck a cord with me as well written, with interesting Appendix N interpretations that come through in the text.
    Plus they are the two that are on my to get list, but being in Japan shipping on boxes is prohibitive.

  8. Mazes & Minotaurs because it of the different Fantasy setting- you've got 7-8 'standard' fantasy games & 3-4 S&S style games. Not so much a Sci-fi/Sci-fantasy guy.

    Also voted for Microlite to see how the stripped down system holds up. (We forgot 'Searchers of the Unknown' in the suggestions, I believe).

  9. Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Who wouldn't want to run a game with a Berserker, Warlock, Pyromancer, Shaman and a Witch?

  10. I voted for several - among them Microlite 75 and Space Princess.

    Microlite 75 simply because it, at least conceptually, reminds me of DCC (minus the cool cover art and cost). It starts from a modern rules base (d20 Fantasy SRD) and attempts to encourage old school play. I'm curious to see if it delivers.

    And Space Princess just looks like it'd be awesome fun in a Science Fantasy kind of way (but I don't own it and have never played it so maybe I'm way off on that).

  11. I really like how LotFP is streamlined to leave lots of room for player insanity but still has enough rules to keep the GM out of trouble. The mood supported, the idea that dungeons are scary places, is one that I really like. I also enjoy the way resource management is used to support that mood with a brilliant, yet easy to use, encumbrance system.

    Now that I read all these comments though, I want to give the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea a go! It sounds like fun!

  12. Hackmaster! You can get the free version, or you can invest in the gorgeous PH!


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