Monday, June 11, 2012

Psst! Don't Tell My Players...

But I did a total improv on Saturday night.  When one of my players asked to look for a secret door in the room with the crystal statues (that tried to kill them) there wasn't one on the map.  But once they asked for it, I saw the need for it, so I moved some stuff around and moved a room to be the secret room.

Horrible horrible GM Fiat, I know.  Or maybe great GM Fiat, as it almost resulted in a potential TPK where the mage and the 1st level cleric had to save the day by dispatching the ghoul / ghast creature. So it actually played out in a most awesome manner.  The thing is, last minute improves like this can also backfire, so I don't plan on making a habit of it.

Now, if I hadn't been reworking stuff at the last minute I may have arranged things differently (and placed a secret door / room there in the first place) but one works with what one has - or doesn't have ;)


  1. Some might call it cheating, I call it well done! I bet it's an encounter they won't soon forget!

  2. nothing cheating or bad about that at all

  3. This isn't cheating as long as the encounter was a fair one, and the threat didn't increase in response to the players' success. IMO. That sort of flying by the seat of the pants is no different than what's developed ahead of time ... it's just developed only a couple of seconds ahead of time.

    Changing the level of a threat mid-battle, like giving extra hit points to a monster mid-combat, isn't really fair. The players should win what they win. If they weren't challenged, add new challenges on the fly, but give them their victories as they stand.

  4. Kind of like Donjon, at least I think that's the game..

    When you roll to find secret doors, if you find one, you find one. Regardless of whether one was planned to be there. Stemmed from a misunderstanding of the D&D rules.

  5. Hey hey Tenkar! I think things like that add to the excitement of the game and allow players to exercise their creativity, and a near brush with TPK is always memorable.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    It certainly played out better than I had hoped.

    and Padre, good to hear from you ;)


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