Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silly Me, I Had Actual Thoughts! :)

Silly me. I've agreed to write a few pieces for an RPG sourcebook. Always time this for when you are planning to kick off a second weekly night of running RPGs, because as we all know GMs have WAY too much prep time ;)

Amazingly enough, I thought up some decent stuff during the first ten minutes of my morning commute. Which left me thirty more minutes of driving before I could write anything down. Thirty dangerous potentially forgetful minutes...

I think I may drop one or two of today's thoughts into my ACKS campaign over the next session or two as sort of a playtest. If any folks can push and prod and find creative uses, it's my players.

Oh, and I got mentioned in The Grumpy Celt's latest video blog. I think it's time to wake up Feltothraxis from his long dragon-like hibernation...


  1. I look forward to hearing more details.

  2. Don't you HATE that? I seem to think of all sorts of good stuff when I'm in bed, or the shower, and it's gone by the time I have a chance to write anything down.

  3. An actual thought! How dare you! And I think it's long, long over due to allow Feltothraxis out of his den.


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