Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Games From the Basement - Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st Edition)

I remember hearing about Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, probably in issues of White Dwarf.  I wanted this badly!  My sister got it for me for Christmas and hid it under her bed.  I found it and read most of it before I even got to unwrap it.  I was a bad brother (but I have an excellent sis).

We played the shit out of this game.  Regretfully we never finished the whole Enemy Within Campaign, but that was the result of a TPK.  Apparently one shouldn't run around casting Fireballs while carry vials of oil.  That was the first midway completed campaign TPK I ever GM'ed, and although folks were disappointed that the campaign was over, the stories of that TPK were told for years later.

You know what, I'm going to steal some stuff from this book for my ACKS campaign.  Gotta keep my players guessing ;)


  1. Man, I absolutely love this game. It is the only game that ever supplanted D&D in my old group for any length of time. It was a total blast. The art was fantastic, and the Empire and rest of the Old World were perfect (at least in those days). The Enemy Within is a shining example of a campaign. We never cared that the game shattered into a million brilliant shards when our characters changed careers. We merrily played right along. We were having that much fun . . .

  2. It really is a masterpeice, isn't it?

    I sometimes wonder why I'm playing, or even thinking of playing, anything else...

    If only someone could retro-clone it. I don't just mean capture the mood, I mean a Labyrinth Lord level of emulation of the original system. Of course, that would bring GW's lawyers down on you, and even if the cloner would be in the right (legally and well as morally), they've got some cash behind them.

  3. It's my favourite game that isn't Call of Cthulhu or Pendragon. It's a brilliant piece of ugly, spiky work.


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