Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Magic - Then Trying To Catch It Before It's Too Late

Thoughts are like dandelion fluff. If you don't hold on hard enough, the first breeze takes it away.

Which is annoying, as most of my brainstorming seems to take place as I drive, and it's not always (if ever) convenient to pull over to write some thoughts down.

Some of my current brainstorming has been about brewing up some unique magic items, which may or may not make their way into a published product. They most assuredly will make their way into my ACKS campaign. They certainly can't make their way to this blog without first being introduced in my campaign, or else I risk letting my players in on all the little secrets before they even come across them in the first place.

I will say this - magic weapons and armor are not part of the growing list of things I'm working on. Not only are they too linked to individual systems, but it's the miscellaneous magic that adds the depth to the world. Besides, would most wizards spend time making magic swords and enchanting chain mail when they could be making thinks that actually help them?

I think not. I say empower the wizards not by giving them at will powers, but give them willful toys. Or something like that ;)

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