Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now I Have the Wife Brainstorming for Me!

It was bound to happen.  We were driving earlier today and she started throwing (figuratively speaking of course) some things that she thought were ageless children's toys (to go along with my current unofficial theme of magic items based off of children's toys).  I had to tell her that the "pop up" dice roller from Trouble and a Slinkey probably weren't "timeless" in the sense I was looking for.

She did throw "Jacks" and a "Boomerang" in my direction, so i am grateful. ;)

I think I've written (or started to write) about a dozen items so far.  I'll see how far this them can take us.  I may drop one or two into the ACKS game tonight, although it probably won't include the Beer Bear from last night (I just had a Blueberry Ale from Blue Point Brewery - mmmmm!  bears would like this :)

So, if you want to throw some toys into the fire feel free.  Just the toy, mind you, not what it does.  I need to let my mind go off on it's own tangents without previous direction with this project.  Besides, it's more fun (and generally weirder too).


  1. Must have slinky of strangulation!

  2. So in addition to the brown bear and the black bear, you could have a big blue bear.

  3. Here are the ones that come to mind for me: dolls and dollhouses, stuffed animals, toy soldiers, balls, blocks and building toys, marbles, jacks, tiddlywinks, yo-yos, wooden toy swords, cup and ball toys, hoop and stick, juggling toys, and kites. I could probably come up with more if I took some more time, but these seem to be the most classic.

  4. @Bob - you are most awesome!

    have a few of those but far from all - thank you!


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