Sunday, June 10, 2012

ACKS Session 5 Recap (Part 1) and Video - For Those That Missed it Live ;)

Yep, Adventurer Conqueror King or Die Session Five was live on air via Google+ Hangouts last night.  Talk about pressure.

Wait, being asked to use some of Matt Jackson's excellent dungeon tiles in the adventure mere hours before we were two kick off on air, now that's pressure.

Not knowing how or in which order the tiles were to be used?  Priceless ;)

Last night had it's share of technical difficulty, more to do with the On Air app for Google+ Hangouts than anything else.  From my end, the technical difficulties were minimal.  What can I say, I learned to screenshare for the viewers at home and figured out how to upload the tiles (resizing I needed some initial direction).

I've now watched bits and pieces of the video myself, and I'm surprised and happy to say I think I did a decent job, especially considering that I changed EVERYTHING up in the last few hours before the the game.  That includes the encounters in the beginning where I was using the screen as a whiteboard.  My DM style is best suited for the whiteboard in my opinion, although I have to say using the tiles were a blast.

I didn't expect the "ghost-like" ghoul in the secret room to nearly lead to a TPK, but it was nice to have some of the less powerful (at the moment) characters shine as the damage inducing folks were puking their guts out.  It played out better than I could have hoped.

If you are going to watch some of the video, come in around 43:00 or so, as that is when we figured out most of the technical difficulties ;)

More wrap up later...


  1. I watched for awhile, and while it is hard to get excited about watching other people play an RPG over video chat, it is great to see one of the options for table top RPGs.

  2. I've gotta say, with the light dim like that, I look pretty damn studly.

  3. I spy Feltothraxis in the background and am looking forward to seeing him appearing in a supporting role in a future Tabletop Forge broadcast...

  4. @Prince_Herb - that was Feltothraxis in the background. one of my players right before we went on air was like "hey joe, have you ever watched any of Erik's Feltothraxis videos?" and the player hadn't.

    Obviously Felty had to say a few words at that point.

    I'd have him review 5e, but her doesn't have a physical book he could known off the back porch while doing so ;)


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