Sunday, May 20, 2012

The World Ends at 0130, 0830 in Finland

Last night's ACKS session kicked off at 9 Eastern Time.   We moved it up half an hour to get more game time in if needed.  That being said, bullshitting kept us from starting until 930 - go figure ;)

I'll do the actual recap later.  For now, it's enough to say that at 130 AM we were wrapping up and I was calculating expo for my group.  I noticed the Google+ tab in my browser was blinking - someone had sent me a Google Chat message.  Apparently, James Raggi had just woken up over in the Land of the Fins and wanted to get an opinion on something game wise.  Upon informing the group of what was occurring, it was suggested we send him an invite to the hangout.  Chaos ensued!

Alright, not really.  No chaos, not even a naked James (he left his camera off, so no naked Raggi pics - there are probably enough of those floating around... heh).  Instead we had quite an enlightening and enjoyable 2 1/2 hour conversation about RPGs, the direction of RPGs in general, what's currently on James' plate, what's upcoming on James' plate, what the industry is doing right, what the industry is doing wrong, the pussyfying of the world youth, semi obscure metal bands that I never heard of - but Joe the Lawyer had.  I think if James hadn't a game to run, the hangout probably would have gone on even longer.

I wish I could discuss some of the stuff that's going to be announced by Lamentations of the Flame Princess over the next few months, as they sound really cool - but I can't.  Suffice to say, James has some interesting stuff planned that should please those that enjoy his company's releases.

As for me?  I am fucking tired!  Signed off just after 4 am, fell asleep around 5 am, wife's alarm for yoga went of at 740 am and I've been trying to catch a few winks since and it hasn't been happening.

I'm going to blame James for my lack of sleep last night and my general ass dragginess this morning.  Not a complaint, mind you.  Just assigning blame where it's due.

Note to James' gaming group in the Land of Fins - I think you folks are fucked.  I saw what James has in store for you.  Enjoy ;)

For those that want to play the AD&D 2e Trivia Game (rules are listed here), this post's questions are as follows:

(as a side note, I got all 3 of these wrong... sigh)

Question 1 - For 4 Points - If your character is using his own abilities and skills to avoid damage, what may he be able to do in lieu of a saving throw?

Question 2 - For 5 Points - What is the initiative modifier for a "large" sized creature when it attacks with natural weapons?

Question 3 - For 7 points - A Heroes' Feast (6th level priest spell) is a culinary delight.  Further more, its powerful magic bestows a number of benefits upon those who partake fully of the food and drink.  What are those benefits?  (need complete answer for the points)


  1. Q1: an ability check
    Q2: +6
    Q3: cured of all diseases, being healed of 1d4+4 damage, and for 12 hours: bless spell/effect hours and immunity to fear/hopelessness/panic, and immunity to poisons

  2. beast man gets the hat trick ;)

    16 pts


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