Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've Downloaded The D&D Next Playtest Materials - And Have Decided to Give DCC a Complete Read Through Instead

Hows that for a kicker?

When I got my Dungeon Crawl Classics hardcover, I saw the size of it and basically said: "there ain't no way in hell I'm reading this without a week long vacation."

I've played D&D Next in it's previous incarnations and I really haven't seen anything in my quick perusal of the latest Playtest Packet that makes me want to sit down and read it.  I guess I'll wait for others to break it down and highlight stuff.  Very anti-climatic.  Doesn't look great, doesn't look horrid - it just exists.

So here I am with the DCC rules, trying to figure out what I did with the enclosed module that the preorders received, and figuring that DCC may just be the first game I run under the UA-LC umbrella. It has a atmosphere that should play out pretty well over a handful of gaming sessions.

On top of that, I need to figure out if there are parts I can yoke for my ACKS campaign. No game session this weekend, what with the holiday here in the states, which is good - it gives me some free time to read up on other game systems.


  1. From what I've heard about the 5e playtest, I don't think you're making a poor decision. DCC RPG is a genuinely fresh take on "D&D fantasy" and offers stuff that 5e either won't or can't. I haven't been as excited about playing a new fantasy RPG in, literally, years, which, to me, is a good indicator that Joseph Goodman and his crew have managed to do something amazing.

  2. I downloaded the playtest rules and looked at it and thought to myself "so it is rules lite(ish)3.x...meh".

    Sticking to Labyrinth Lord-B/X for now!

  3. well, at least singing the latest agreement frees me to discuss the earlier playtesting.

    and i found Doom of the Savage Kings in my wife's pile of reading - not sure how it got there ;)

  4. That you have chosen to put aside the next materials and open the 400 page DCCRPG tome instead speaks volumes

  5. Sign me up for your first game of DCC! Bring forth the funnel!!

  6. Maybe because DCC is a complete game and the 5E playtest is not?

  7. probably because i was part of the previous Friends & Family play test, and while version 1 had promise, version 2 had the whole group tap out...

    this latest version doesn't look to have improved much on it's predecessor to my precursory view.

  8. I thought Rogue Trader was the first game you were going to run.

    I want in on this too. I haven't played D&D since 2e about 10 years ago.

  9. Rogue Trader is on the very large list of games I'd like to run, but I think Mongoose Traveller would step in first (I loved running Traveller back in the day - even had house rules for expo and learning skills - long lost now)

  10. I know exactly what you mean by "it just exists". I downloaded the rules, gave them a quick glance, and couldn't get warm or cold over it.

    I haven't seen DCC yet, but all the good comments about it make me curious.


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