Sunday, May 6, 2012

Games From the Basement - Warhammer Fantasy Battle (2nd Edition)

Somewhere , yet to be resdicovered, is a boxed set of the Warhammer 1st edition rules.  The ones that claimed to be an RPG but were barely functional as a war-game.  Still, I loved it.  Not for playing, just for the aura it gave off.

I remember buying the 2nd edition Warhammer rules, expecting it would have fixed the nearly nonexistent role play rules from the 1st edition.  The fixed it alright, by removing them completely.

I really wanted this to be the edition of Warhammer that worked for me.  It might have been a fine war-game, but my group didn't do war-games.

Yes, the Whole Box is in
Mint Condition
Curse Those Non-Wargamers
I Gamed With!
When Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was released, I finally had the game I (and my group) were looking for.  We played the crap out of the WFRP until we burned ourselves out on the system, and returned to our old standby, AD&D.

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  1. These are still a fantastic version of the rules if you play any tabletop fantasy.

    They feature all the little racial quirks that have carried forward into the current armies and a lot that didn't. The norse and Nippon armies are pretty interesting additions.

    Because of the general nature of the army lists, which were not refined in miniature specific ones until the Ravening Hordes book appeared, you can play this game with any minis you want.

    I use 1/72 plastics from Caesar currently so that I can fight big huge units battles with singly based figures. This also lets you play Cahinmail with the same figs and to get some cheap 1/72 medieval troops as well.

    The campaign books that were written for this are great too. The Tragedy of McDeath, Orc's Drift, Terror of the Lichmaster.

    I wish my game group would play things besides one squad skirmish games, as this one is a fully solo affair now.


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