Monday, May 7, 2012

Holy Crap But The Trolls Fit a Lot in My C&C Classic Monsters Box!

I participated in the Castles & Crusades Classic Monsters Kickstarter and I just didn't realize how much I was getting for my $100 until the box arrived.  Shipping was $13.27 for this sucker.  I can only imagine what it's going to cost SJG to ship the OGRE boxes.

Classic Monsters is going to be the poor man's Tome of Horror's Complete in the OSR corner of out hobby, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  For 25 bucks (or $15 in PDF).  Both books have the Flailsnail and the Flumph.  So if you are looking for some of the otherwise neglected monsters from some of TSR's later Monster Manuals and the Fiend Folio, this has got them... or at least, some of them.  Enough to fill my needs, and I may just leave the Tome of Horrors Complete on the bookshelf for now, as I think Classic Monsters will fill the roll and not take up too much space.  Did I mention that my copy is the limited run with the 6 color plates of artwork?

The Castle Keepers Guide I still feel is overpriced for a PDF, but a quick flipping through of the hardback  has me interested in a number of tools that I can use in my current ACKS campaign.  Monster Ecology and the Worlds of Adventure: Dungeons  and WoA: City sections seem ripe for yoking into my ACKS campaign.  I have a very complete C&C collection, and it's the main game I've played over the past few years, so I'm sure I'll get use out of the CKG.  I'm not so sure how much value non -C&C players will get from it (its $40 in hardcover and $32 in PDF).

I also got a HCs of the current C&C Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasure Books.  All 4 books were signed by the author.  Which I have to admit is pretty cool.

Additionally, I received a copy of the adventure DA1, Dark Journey.  That wasn't signed by the author but who cares.  Oh, and a bunch of Troll Lord coins.  I have no idea what they are to be used for, but their kinda cute. They remind me of the tokens I used to get at the arcade to cash in for a prize.

Did I mention I also got a snazzy t-shirt?  I didn't take a picture of if it.  I'll have to do it as a follow up.

So, $127 dollars worth of gaming books, signed, plus the t-shirt and coins free shipping, no tax here in NYS.  Not too bad.  Wait, forgot I get electronic copies in the format of my choice of the 4 rulebooks.  Not too shabby.  Not too shabby at all.


  1. I'm playing Blood & Treasure but was wondering if Classic Monsters would be a good resource for B&T?? Thanks


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