Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do I Determine If I'm Running a Successful Campaign?

How do I know I kicked off a fairly successful ACKS Campaign last Saturday night?

It wasn't just the bouts of laughter the players got from me during game play.

I wasn't just the great role playing I witnessed.

It isn't just the the numerous G+ threads we have about the game.

It isn't just the awesome character write-ups and recaps my players have posted on the Obsidian Portal site.

No, last night was the kicker, as my players asked - no, more precisely demanded, that I log into a G+ Hangout so the mage in the party could roll against his Magical Engineering proficiency to determine the nature of the magical ring they found. My protest that i was shirtless and in my underwear as I was getting ready for bed fell on deaf ears.

Successful roll by the mage. +1 Ring of Protection, 5' Radius was revealed to the party.

Yeah, I'd judge the new campaign a success ;)

1 comment:

  1. My players have been involved in a lot more e-mails since I started my new campaign too.


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